Smear Tests, Contraception Apps & Vaginas with Dr Anita Mitra, Gynae Geek

Today’s guest, Gynaecologist Dr Anita Mitra, is sharing her expertise on smear tests, cervical cancer, contraception apps and all things vaginas and women’s sexual health.

Such an important discussion to be had, but, unfortunately, still a topic riddled with shame and taboo – which is why you’ll never find me beating around the bush when it comes to sharing (no pun intended). I’m so happy to have Anita on the podcast – a true expert in her field – as there’s a lot of misinformation and myth-busting to be had when it comes to what women believe is ‘normal’ when it comes to their bodies.

Give it a listen, take notes, and let us know your feedback on social media! #PutYourselfFirstPodcast

Video and blog post explaining cervical screening (smear test) results

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