Setting my goals for 2019 and 90 day goals for January-March

I’m about to get really vulnerable with you today! Accountability time…

I already shared my 2019 goals on Instagram this weekend and got a really great response, so I wanted to go more in depth on them and share my 90 day goals for January to March.

This is how I like to approach goal setting with myself and clients’ goals.

It’s not enough for me to set a few goals at the start of the year. I have to break them down into milestones, otherwise they’re forgotten about by February. Which is where powerful 90-day goals come in.

There are loads of benefits to 90-day goals which you can read up on if you’re a geek like me.

In a nutshell – they keep you focused, they feel more tangible than a yearly goal and they’re a stepping stone on your way to getting there in the end. They helped me stay on track for the whole of last year and have worked really well for clients and other members of the community!

If you feel this process would work well for you and need some extra guidance to help, you can now grab my 2019 Goal Setting Workbook.

There are printed and digital copies available, so it’s accessible wherever you are in the world. Click here to find out more and order your copy.

Would love to hear how you get on if you order one! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter @kat_horrocks

For everyone else, here’s today’s video sharing my goals 🙂 Psst! Podcast subscribers – this is also in your subscription feed today too, if you’d prefer to listen instead of watch.