Self Care Sunday Routine – My Day Off Relaxing!

I’m SO excited to share my #SelfCareSunday with you in today’s video! I thought it would be so fun to take you along for a relaxing day off with me, and show you all my personal self care rituals that I love to make time for at least once a fortnight. 

Self care is such an integral part of living your happiest, healthiest life – not only is it necessary for your physical, mental and emotional health. It also makes you WAY more productive when you get back to work the following day. Which is why Sundays are the perfect day off for me, to relax, regroup and decompress after a long week. If I can make time for this routine, or even just a few things within this routine if I only have 1 hour or so, it makes a huge difference in my mindset and wellbeing when I wake up on Monday morning. 

Do you have a #SelfCareSunday practice? I’d love to hear about your self care rituals for physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health and happiness! Let me know in a comment below or tweet me. 

Happy #SelfCareSunday – make sure you give some extra time and TLC to yourself today. You deserve it.

Love, Kat x