Seen on Screen Bonnie Parsons Financial Tips for Female Founders Put Yourself First Podcast Interview

Financial Tips for Female Entrepreneurs – with Bonnie Parsons, CEO of Seen on Screen

Bonnie Parsons, CEO and Founder of Seen on Screen is on a mission to empower a generation of women through dance. She’s also been very open about her struggles to get investment funding as a female founder. So in today’s second interview with Bonnie, she shares her journey of raising a funding round and why she decided to do the first all-female funding round.

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Vest Pod – Bonnie’s favourite resource for women wanting to invest!

Some more money resources I use
Great YouTube channel from a lady in Scotland (so UK specific advice which I struggle to find!)
Money Saving Expert (free no BS advice on money and up to date info)
The Independent Girls Collective (membership that provides spreadsheet templates, bookkeeping/tax courses, etc. from an accountant)