Is coaching right for me?

So here are some things you should know about life coaching, and specifically coaching with me…

Life coaching is a process that empowers you to set and achieve your personal goals.

Coaching creates physical and mental space for you to:




And continue moving forward

My coaching packages are designed to:

Keep you on track

Help you stay accountable

Support you to overcome the inevitable obstacles

And ultimately, to empower you to move ahead and develop the tools and disciplines you need to set and achieve goals in any area of your life.

As your coach, I am your personal growth facilitator.

I carve out a calm, supportive space in your busy life for you to create lasting change.

But let me tell you…it isn’t going to be easy.

It’s challenging.

It’s outside of your comfort zone.

It requires you to bring a lot to the table.

It takes time.

The work you’ll be doing between the sessions will be scary.

I am always here to support you but ultimately, the only thing standing between you and your goals…is you!

If personal growth was a walk in the park, everybody would be living their dream life.

In order to commit to your growth and results, I will require you to:

Show up to every session; be on time, be present and be willing to put in the work, even when it’s hard

Reach out for support and ask me for help – I am guided by you, so I need to know how I can best support you

Reflect on your current circumstances and be honest with me (and yourself) about what’s going on

Explore and answer difficult and challenging questions

Ultimately, to be patient with yourself and stay consistent regardless – this ain’t no overnight success

Coaching is not for you if…

You’re looking for a quick fix

Like everything worth having in life, this deep and meaningful work takes time, patience and effort. If you need quick and fast results, I’m not your girl.

You’re not ready to do the work

Coaching is an empowering process. In order to empower you and ensure you achieve lasting growth beyond our time together, I have to let you get on with it. Coaching is designed to support, uplift and empower you with the tools and resources you need. But I’m not going to be stood over your shoulder helping you with your homework. This work is for you and you only.

You’re not able to commit

If you’re not in a position where you can commit to fortnightly sessions, showing up to calls on time and staying accountable via email or messaging, then my coaching might not be right for you at this time. This work is intense, and for you to make the most of our time requires a level of commitment.

You want someone to tell you what to do

I truly believe that you are the master of your life. As much as you might feel out of touch with your intuition and gut feeling, it’s my job to support you to tap into that. It’s not my job to tell you what to do, give you a cookie-cutter action plan and make life decisions for you. This work is about building a personal growth plan that works for your unique personality, lifestyle, approach and circumstances.

So is coaching with me right for you?

If your gut is telling you,

“Hell yes!”

Then click here to apply for your free 30-minute discovery session