Relaxing Evening Routine After Work – Unwind With Me – How To Switch Off After Work

We’ve all been there. You climb into bed after a long day, ready to fall asleep, get your 8 hours, and wake up feeling refreshed. But you’re so wired from your hectic day, your brain just won’t switch off. You don’t feel tired, you can’t get to sleep, and you miss out on some much needed rest. 

This happens more than it should to a lot of people. For many different reasons – you’re stressed in your current situation, you’ve put too much on your plate, you’re not looking after yourself as much as you need to. Today I’m sharing my relaxing evening routine that I like to do midweek after a busy day. It’s simple, it helps me unwind and switch my brain off from work mode. I’ve included my top tip to switch off for bullet journal/to do list writers (it’s a game changer) – along with some personal things I love to do to relax. 

I’d love to hear your feedback – if you need any advice about your personal evening routine and work related stress, please email me at and we can talk it out! I can’t wait to hear from you. As always, be sure to join our community before you leave, so you never miss out on a new post.