The Put Yourself First Challenge

FREE 5 day challenge to put yourself first and manifest a life even better than your vision board.

16th May – 20th May 2022

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Hey beautiful, I know right now you find yourself…

  • Struggling to say no and set boundaries with people
  • Filling your calendar and being busy 24/7, yet never making time for that thing you really wanna do (you know, that thing!)
  • Allowing fear to stop you from taking action on your dreams
  • Letting your inner critic run the show – you put so much pressure on yourself
  • Going out of your way for loved ones, and rarely asking for help in return
  • Burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Wondering if your goals are ever really gonna happen

You deserve more than that

5 Days to Put Yourself First

Inside this free challenge, you’ll be guided to…

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Meet your host

Hey, I’m Kat, a Certified Mindset & Manifestation Coach.

I’m on a mission to empower you to put yourself first, say yes to your dreams and manifest a life even better than your vision board.

In the last 5 years, the impact I have seen from the women I work with deciding that they come first, that their goals matter, has been earth-shatteringly huge. Not just in their own lives, but in the lives of everyone else they care about.

We’re talking job promotions, dream homes bought, trips around the world, manifestations beyond their wildest dreams.

What life could you create if you decide to join and put yourself first?

I’m so excited to be guiding you towards that in this free challenge. Let’s go, baby!

See you soon x