Quitting the 9-5 to travel the world, plant based eating and business chat with Sophie’s Scran


Quitting the 9-5 to travel the world, plant-based eating and business chat with Sophie’s Scran

Sophie and I chatted for so long, I’ve split this one up into two parts.

So effectively you get a triple dose of PYF this week, including Friday’s episode.

In part 1, we dive into Sophie’s career journey so far. From how her blog landed her a fab job, to quitting said job to pursue backpacking, to arriving home and going it alone in the freelance world!

Part 2, we uncover more about Sophie’s travels and love for food, including some really practical tips for being savvy with both!

Show Notes & Resources

Sophie’s Blog
Sophie’s Instagram

Girl vs Globe Facebook Group
Moon Cup

Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food
Gem Wade (You Say Tomato)
Hungry Harriet
Northern Blog Awards

Letters from a hopeful creative podcast (I love this too!)

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