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Coming Off Hormonal Contraception – Period Story Podcast Interview

Today I’m sharing the Period Story Podcast and a conversation I had on there with host Le’Nise Brothers. This is a taboo, quite controversial topic I’ve wanted to talk about online for a few years, so when Le’Nise reached out to ask if I wanted to be interviewed, I thought it was the perfect place to share my story.

Period Story Podcast is about having conversations about periods, breaking taboos and getting behind the menstrual health myths that hold us back. I always forget what I’ve shared in a personal interview like this, so see below for Le’Nise’s words on what’s covered!

“This week, I had a fantastic conversation with Kat Horrocks, a women’s life coach and fellow podcast host.

Kat shared the impact of getting her first period at 10 years old and how by default, she became the one that all her classmates went to for advice and with their questions. Kat says that even now she’s the person in her friend group that gets asked all the period questions.

Kat talked about her journey with hormonal contraception and why she decided to come off of it after 7 years. She says that a conversation with her partner about the impact the pill was having on her emotions and their relationship was the wake-up call she needed to make changes.

Kat discusses the research she did when she decided to come off hormonal contraception and how she geeked out on all the new information.

Kat says that we shouldn’t underestimate our bodies; they’re amazing and they work. She says that listening to our bodies and learning what our bodies are saying is really powerful and I completely agree!”

Listen to the full conversation on Period Story Podcast

Listen to “Kat Horrocks: Coming Off Hormonal Contraception Improved My Mental Health” on Spreaker.