Next Level You

Manifest a life even better than your vision board

A 10-week program to create and manifest your next level life in 2022 and beyond

You arrived here for a reason

This is no coincidence.

You are ready to create and manifest your dream life in 2022 and beyond. You are ready to show the world the Next Level You.

Let me show you the way…

Imagine this being your reality...

You are forever growing and expanding.

You don’t just set goals – you continually level up your mindset, beliefs and identity to become a magnet for success.

You have deep clarity on your path and purpose, and a roadmap to accessing that next level.

You trust that the Universe has your back and your goals are a given!

You take inspired action and know that the rest is taken care of.

You’ve tried wanting and wishing for it.

Why don’t you try stepping up to receive it?

Your Next Level You Journey

From lacking clarity and feeling disconnected…

to connecting with your soul’s mission and purpose

From asking, “When am I gonna get there?”

to having complete trust that your goals are a given

From suffocating self-doubt and imposter syndrome…

to realising and stepping into your limitless potential

From stuck on your next steps and seeing no progress…

to making brave, bold steps towards your dream life daily

From seeing no evidence that your goals are even possible…

to manifesting a life even better than your vision board!

Next Level You is my signature 10 week program
combining my 3 keys to creating and manifesting your dream life

Aligned Action

It’s time to let go of outdated goal-setting methods focused on hustle and burnout.

Let me walk you through the whole thing to create soulful goals and aligned action steps to get you there.

Success Mindset

Remove the blocks holding you back from the success you deserve and desire.

Say bye-bye to procrastination, imposter syndrome and the fear of failure keeping you stuck and say hello to a rock-solid Growth and Success Mindset.

Manifesting Magic

You don’t have to do it alone. Universal energy and abundance is always available to you.

You will learn how to create simple and powerful rituals and routines that get you connected and high vibe.

Hear what other ladies manifested…


“I have let go of desperately wanting things to be right and right now. By doing so, things are unfolding before me.

Things have just fallen into my lap. I was financially kind to a close friend of mine, I could help her and sent it with all my love and warmth. Then a week later, I was given a substantial amount of money from my family.

Just little day to day things that I would think or journal on, naturally happen. Thank you Universe, God and all the Angels! And of course you Kat!”


“I feel a sense of calm and joy. I am crystal clear on where I want to be, and know that I will get there. The manifestation and affirmation work has been incredible, and is something that I am working on using constantly in my life.

I manifested an incredible placement opportunity that will help me move towards my 2021 goal of a career change! It felt magical to know that I had used some of the new tools to help create this reality!”


“Before I signed up, I felt on the edge of a big chasm or canyon. I could see the other side and what waited for me, the life I wanted, but I was unsure of the way across and doubted my ability to make it safely. I was also terrified of falling. I wanted to find or reclaim the parts of me I had lost.
During Next Level You, I achieved my main goal of securing a new job! Creating a vision board and really visualising my goals as if they were already real was a huge turning point for me. I can feel that I am radiating positive energy and have a growth mindset.

Next Level You is perfect for you if...

Are you ready for mind, body and soul transformation?

Next Level You is about unlearning all the old stories and beliefs, and remembering the power of who you truly are.

Remembering your truth…

That you are divinely guided.

You are supported.

And you are a powerful co-creator of your own destiny.

Fortune favours the brave

& so does the Universe

All you have to do is say YES!

Okay I’m in!

Show me what’s inside…

9 x Live Group Coaching Calls

Expert support, accountability and coaching from me in these live workshop style coaching calls on Zoom.

Q&A time gives you the opportunity to be coached by me live on the call!

Value – £1,000

10 Week Online Program & Resources

A tried and tested framework for Goal Setting, Mindset and Manifestation.

Including workbooks, meditations and additional resources to support your journey with us

Value – £1,000

Community Support & Accountability

When you join Next Level You, you don’t have to do it alone.

Meet like-minded women in our private Facebook Group and on Zoom calls during the program. Stay accountable, stay connected, stay inspired!

Value – Priceless!

Lifetime Access to Future Live Rounds

Once you’re a Next Level You grad, you are with us for life! Get involved with ALL future live rounds for no extra cost, including all future updates and price increases.

This is a no brainer investment for your growth and goals

Value – £5,000+

Plus these juicy bonuses 

Because…abundance baby!

Bonus #1 – Mindset Coaching Mini Workshop Series

A series of game changing mindset masterclasses and workshops on:

  • How to Create a Vision Board
  • Next Level Time Management
  • Self Doubt
  • Comparison
  • Self Sabotage
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Perfectionism

Bonus #2 – Your Spiritual Toolkit

A bonus module full of spiritual tools and practices to help you deepen your connection to your higher self and spirit.

Includes practices like EFT, cord cutting and hypnotherapy, plus guides on Human Design, Card reading and more.

Bonus #3 – Manifesting Money, Wealth & Abundance

Rewrite your money story, step into your most abundant self and magnetise money like a boss!

Includes subconscious reprogramming techniques for money mindset, manifestation tools, video workshops, audios and more!

Total value of bonus modules = £1000

£8,000+ worth of coaching materials

That’s the total value of Next Level You

An investment in…

Your personal growth and mindset
Your dreams and desires
Your goal setting and accountability
Your next level

Doors now closed until December 2022!

Join my VIP list to be the first to know when doors open again

Payment Plan

£ 148 3 x monthly payments
  • 9 x Live Coaching Workshops
  • 10 week Guided Online Program with Workbooks, Audios, Challenges & More
  • Lifetime Access to all Materials, Updates & Future Live Rounds
  • Private Facebook Community for Support, Celebration & Accountability
  • BONUS Spiritual Toolkit Module
  • BONUS Mindset Masterclass Series
  • BONUS Money Manifestation Module

Pay in Full

£ 444 pay in full
  • 9 x Live Coaching Workshops
  • 10 Week Guided Online Program with Workbooks, Audios, Challenges & More
  • Lifetime Access to all Materials, Updates & Future Live Rounds
  • Private Facebook Community for Support, Celebration & Accountability
  • BONUS Spiritual Toolkit Module
  • BONUS Mindset Masterclass Series
  • BONUS Money Manifestation Module

Are you my VIP?

Upgrade to VIP for even deeper transformation

Only 10 spots available

VIP Payment Plan

£ 259 3 x monthly payments
  • Everything in the program PLUS:
  • 90-minute Deep Dive 1:1 Session with Kat
  • Group Chat with the other VIPS & Kat
  • Accountability Voice Note & Support from Kat every Friday in the Group Chat

VIP Pay in Full

£ 777 pay in full
  • Everything in the program PLUS:
  • 90-minute Deep Dive 1:1 Session with Kat
  • Group Chat with the other VIPs & Kat
  • Accountability Voice Notes & Support from Kat every Friday in the Group Chat

Manifestation Success Stories

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The Juicy Details

We officially begin on Monday 3rd January.

Live workshops are Mondays at 7:30pm GMT on Zoom
(Replays uploaded 24 hours after inside your course area)

Here are the dates for your diary

Got more questions love?

More info for you to make your full body YASSSS

Achieving your goals and dreams is not just about behaviours – changes, actions, plans, steps.

That’s only ONE part of the puzzle. Achieving your goals and dreams means BECOMING the person who already has all of those things, before you see the physical evidence in reality. It’s levelling up your own mindset, beliefs and identity so you’re an energetic match for everything you want!

Next Level You is a fully rounded program that will not just give you a plan of action to achieve your goals, it will have you stepping into the power of who you truly are, and living from an empowered place where you know that your success is inevitable!

Over 10 weeks together, we will cover a fully rounded program for creating, achieving and manifesting your goals in 2022.

Inside your Foundations module, you will access my tried and tested Goal Setting Framework. This will aid you in gaining clarity and direction throughout the program. This is an initiation to ensure you know exactly what you desire to receive from the program.

Each week will include a live workshop-style call with the group including Q&A time with me, along with access to additional materials, printables and other resources to support your work on that week’s topic.

Expect lots of journaling workbooks, audios, challenges and more implementation work. Alongside your amazing bonuses of course!

You will also have the private Facebook Group for additional questions, accountability and support from other ladies on the program.

Our weekly workshops are held on a Monday night at 7:30pm UK time.

See above this section for a full schedule of dates.

All calls are uploaded in the Next Level You area the following day, so you can replay them 24/7.

And if you are catching up, that’s what the Facebook group is for so you can still ask questions and check-in with the other ladies.

As a Next Level You student, you get access to:

  • 9 x 60-minute LIVE Group Workshops with Q&A
  • 10 week program on Goal Setting, Mindset & Manifestation
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the program, incl. future rounds
  • Private Facebook Community for accountability & support
  • & Bonus Modules to deepen your spiritual practices and mindset tools

I’ve been exactly where you are.

And I’m here to tell you, you will never ever regret investing in yourself. 

It’s the best investment you can make.

What happens when you invest in yourself is your whole perspective and mindset shifts. You start to show up and take your growth seriously. You have active accountability to get results. 

If you’ve spent time listening to my podcast, or following my free content on Instagram and you’ve gained value and inspiration – just imagine the results you’ll get when you invest in this membership?

This program does not include 1:1 coaching*. You will have the chance to ask me questions every week, either pre-submitted or live on the calls. If you take advantage of this, you will be getting all the support you need from me alongside the program.

If you feel like you need more time with me 1:1 or you’d like mindset coaching or healing support with a specific area, I’d recommend grabbing a VIP spot or considering a 1:1 package instead.

*Unless you book one of the VIP slots with an additional 1:1 call

The VIP 1:1 calls are designed for you to get bespoke, unique support with your goals and mission for 2022. Whether it be going deeper on some of the work we cover in the program and applying it to you, your life and your goals, or needing additional support that I’m not able to provide in a group setting.

For example, certain techniques are incredibly private and individual to you, and therefore can only be offered safely and responsibly in a 1:1 setting (e.g. Certain NLP and TIME techniques, and EFT release). Using them alongside the mindset work in the program can be transformational for you.

Likewise if you have business or career goals and want to walk through more strategy around that, this is something I’d love to support you on!

We begin on Monday 3rd January 2022.

However, you will have access to your Foundations module from 17th December 2021, to work through before then or throughout the program.

Our live group calls will be every Monday evening at 7:30PM (UK time) in our private Zoom meeting to kick off that week’s focus and materials.

All calls will be saved in the Next Level You course area, which you’ll receive login details for.

Such a great question! The Put Yourself First Sisterhood is my personal growth membership with monthly calls covering all areas of personal development. Next Level You is an intensive online program focused on the 3 key areas covered (goal setting, success mindset and manifestation).

We cover so much in the 10 weeks together and the hands-on time from me along with all the materials is reflected in the investment.

The Sisterhood is a perfect follow-on support and community for you once you’re a Next Level You grad (think of it like a gym membership for your personal growth, a community always there to keep you accountable and continue supporting you!)

Equally if you’re already in the Sisterhood, Next Level You is an amazing companion if you enjoy our Goal Setting sessions and want to go even deeper into that process for 2022.

Of course! I pride myself on blending and integrating my spiritual practices with practical, applicable strategy. Everything is laid out in simple terms, exactly how I use it with myself and my clients. As long as you are open minded about the power of these practices in your goal setting, you will love this program and feel so much more connected with yourself and the Universe. Get ready for it to change your life!

Trust your gut. If you feel that aspects of this program are missing from your current goal setting and manifesting process or you’re not seeing/feeling results, then you will learn and gain so much from these 10 weeks.

Some of you might resonate with feeling so connected with The Universe and truly believing in manifestation, but you’re letting mindset blocks (e.g. imposter syndrome, fear of failure, comparison) hold you back from taking that bold, aligned action to meet The Universe half way.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you know what you desire but need some support to believe in yourself and to put yourself out there to receive it.

I also find many people in the spiritual community can have blocks around desire, money, success, etc. being ‘greedy’. Which is going to be a huge permission slip for you to release and own your desires in this program.

Your heart knows my love.

And it’s time to learn to trust it again. The depths of the support and permission available for you inside Next Level You will blow you away.

Supporting you in connecting with yourself more, gaining self-awareness and once you have that, setting goals that feel really aligned with who you wanna be and what your dream life looks like!

If you don’t have goals or a particular focus right now, that’s absolutely fine, you can dive into the materials and be a curious student.

You have lifetime access, so you have nothing to lose and a life beyond your wildest dreams to gain. If you’re ready to discover it.