My Self Care Routine – Sunday Night Pamper Session!

I’m preaching all the time on this blog about the importance of self care. Well in today’s video I’m sharing MY self care routine and Sunday night pamper session. 

I like to fit this relaxing evening routine into my weekend at least once every 1-2 weeks. It rejuvenates my mind, body and soul and prepares me to tackle another week, feeling re-energised and ready to go! 

Ironically, today I’m not doing this routine, as me and my Mum are off to watch The Weeknd in Manchester. ????  Definitely not my usual Sunday! I’ll be all glammed up and chowing down on a pre-gig Wagamamas whilst you guys are having your Sunday evening pamper. Don’t worry though, I still squeezed my bubble bath in last night as it’s been a quiet weekend finishing up work bits! 

Let me know what you guys have been up to in the comments below. Can’t wait to read. ????

Love, Kat x 

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