My hairdresser changed my life with Nioxin

How my hairdresser changed my life with Nioxin

When I first went to my salon, Objet D’art, my hair game was not on point. In fact, I had seriously damaged hair from box dye addiction, dry shampoo over use (I need to address this in a separate blog post because that is serious!) and cheap hair products.

During my first cut and colour with Jane, she recommended Nioxin. She swore by it post-pregnancy when she’d experienced hair thinning, so when I showed her my balding hairline (not even exaggerating) she sent me off to order some ASAP.

This might sound dramatic to someone who isn’t that bothered about hair and beauty products… But Nioxin has changed my life. Seriously.

A healthy scalp = healthy hair.

I used to get so much breakage it would clog the shower basin weekly – I couldn’t run my hands through my hair without several strands coming out between my fingers. I’d leave trails of hair wherever I went.

My scalp thinning was that bad from dry shampoo overuse I had a bald patch around my hairline.

It’s only since using Nioxin I remembered I naturally have a widow’s peak and cowlick – my hair had thinned that much in recent years both were gone. How scary is that?!

So what is Nioxin and how does it actually work?

A healthy scalp = healthy hair.

Which makes total sense, seeing as that’s where it all begins.

As a society, we clog our hair (and scalp) with so much product, it’s no wonder we can block and potentially stunt the follicles from regrowth in the process.

The Nioxin system deep cleans, clarifies and nourishes the scalp

I love some good hair product as much as the next girl, but if you want healthy hair and healthy regrowth of said hair, your scalp needs to be clean and clear. Which is where Nioxin comes in!

The Nioxin system deep cleans, clarifies and nourishes the scalp, so there’s no sebum (oil), products or other residue left in and around the follicles. I use the shampoo and conditioner religiously at home.

Nioxin have a full range of at home and in-salon professional products depending on your hair needs – whether your hair is normal or oily, colour treated or natural, lightly or severely thinning – and Objet D’art offer a complimentary consultation if you’d like to see what Nioxin system is right for you.

They invited me to try the Dermabrasion treatment – which gently exfoliates and deep cleans with natural fruit acids – like a facial for your scalp. This is perfect for anyone suffering from thinning hair like I was, dry shampoo addicts, people with very oily scalps or anyone who uses a lot of product in their hair.

If you’re using the Nioxin system at home, think of this as supercharging your results between salon visits. And as it’s only an extra 20-30 minutes, it’s some extra TLC to get when you’re in for your standard cut and blow. I’d definitely recommend going in the salon to ask about it if you’re concerned about your hair thinning and wondering if it’s right for you. Nioxin recommends the treatment every 30-45 days, but depending on how much treatment your hair needs, you might decide to use it as a refresh every now and then (e.g. if you are a dry shampoo addict, you might wanna get it every couple months to really deep clean the scalp)

Objet D’art can record your results using their scalp camera – this shows your follicles up close and personal as they’re rejuvenated and kick back into action. I wish they’d had this when I started my Nioxin journey, I’d love to see the before and after up close!

Every time I go to the hairdresser now, Jane and I track my regrowth going off my baby hairs – there’s so many of them now, they get very fluffy and need a lot of taming haha! I’m excited to see my hair comparison in another few years time when all that new, healthy hair is fully grown. For now, I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen to me about Nioxin.

My treatment was complimentary but I’ve been going to Objet D’art as a happy, paying customer for 2+ years and wouldn’t let anyone else touch my hair now. If you’re in Bolton or the surrounding areas, it’s well worth a trip to see them (they also do fabulous balayage and really affordable blow dries!)