My Goal Setting Workshop with WeBlogNorth

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a small group of WeBlogNorth ladies for a goal setting workshop in Manchester. 

As you know, I’m hugely passionate about goal setting – I even created my own process for goal setting in my 2018 Goal Setting Workbook. So on the morning, I briefly went over my process with the ladies so they could feel confident going home to set their goals. 

Then, we dived into a group coaching session.

As nerve wracking as it can be sharing something important to you with a group of people, everyone shared at least one of their goals with the group. At the end of the session, everyone left with endless support, advice and encouragement from all the others. 

These workshops are so helpful for me, as it reinforces the main issues you guys face when it comes to achieving your goals. Things that came up a lot…

Setting huge goals and then feeling overwhelmed.
Confidence and self belief.
Taking failure personally.
Feeling guilty about putting themselves first – and therefore, not finding any time to dedicate to them in their schedule. 

It reminds me of WHY I do what I do, and it reminds me of the topics I need to keep the conversation going with. 

Everyone left with a pretty printed copy of my 2018 Goal Setting Workbook.

If you can treat yourself to a professional print, I’d highly recommend you do so! Don’t worry if not, you can download a free copy when you sign up to join the community. The sign up form will be below! 

To all the ladies who came – a huge thank you from Holly and I. You all smashed it! And to anyone else – if you’re in the Manchester area and interested in one of these workshops/group coaching sessions, please email me and you’ll be the first to know when the next dates/tickets are released!

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x