My Autumn Winter Self Care Routine

Living in the UK, once the clocks go back and the temperature drops, everything feels a little bit dark, cold and miserable. SAD (seasonal affective disorder – AKA seasonal depression) is a real thing, and many people suffer with a noticeable dip in energy levels, mood and enthusiasm at this time of year. 

To combat this, I always think it’s important to up my self care game in the colder months. It’s easy to neglect self care, particularly health and fitness, at a time of year when all you feel like doing is staying under the covers inside, eating all your favourite festive foods. Whilst that can feel pretty awesome on the odd Sunday afternoon, I think it’s important to keep active so things are more balanced!

Getting outside

It’s so important to get outside as much as possible. This applies to any time of year, but particularly in Autumn Winter when sunshine is scarce and we’re at risk of vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight (which can contribute to SAD, low mood and energy).

Not only will being outside help your mood during daylight hours, it’s the perfect way to get some light, gentle exercise. So grab your headphones, wrap up warm with your favourite hoody and head out the door. Whether you go for a lunchtime walk and listen to a podcast, or do a Park Run on a Saturday morning, making fitness an enjoyable part of your routine AND getting out the house is a really healthy and productive form of self care! 


Switching Off

The lead up to Christmas can leave us feeling pretty wired. We’re so busy wrapping up work for the year, organising festive parties with friends and family, budgeting for Christmas gifts and shopping for it all – we can be left with little down time just for us. Make sure you block out some ‘me time’ in your hectic schedule, even if it’s just 10 minutes in the morning to read a good book. Remember, self care isn’t selfish, and making it a part of your routine will keep you happy and relaxed amongst the chaos! 

Hot Drinks

Is there anything better than a hot mug of tea in the morning? Whether you’re a tea or coffee person – I always think hot drinks are extra special when it’s getting chilly outside. Ask any caffeine lover – pouring that mug every morning is an essential self care ritual. Especially if it’s accompanied by something equally relaxing, like reading, chatting in bed with your partner or taking a flask and heading out to walk the dog. Take 5 minutes to make yourself a soothing hot drink, you’ll thank me later! 

Indoor Workouts

Okay, it’s cold. Most mornings, your 5AM wake up call for the gym before work can seem like the last thing you want to do. The thought of leaving your cosy, warm room and having to de-ice your car to get to the gym isn’t your ideal scenario.

As much as I try to stick to my gym routine, and still get there a few days a week, there are some days where at home workouts are way more appealing. At home workouts adapt your fitness routine to suit your lifestyle, and ensure you’re still enjoying fitness over Autumn/Winter.

Yoga is one of my favourites, as you can really tailor it to how energised you’re feeling – there are more energetic flows that get you out of breath, and there are more gentle flows for the days when you’re grateful to make it out of bed. It’s a fantastic, relaxing workout that’s perfect for this time of year. 

Any indoor workouts are great though – HIIT, Kettlebells, Dumbbell routines. Have a look on YouTube and you’re bound to find some you like. Some of my favourites are Fitness Blender and Tone it Up

Treat Yourself

At a time of the year where we’re so focused on other people – spending time with them, spending money on them – which, don’t get me wrong, is great – it can be nice to treat ourselves too! One way I always like to treat myself, which handily also keeps me motivated to workout and get outside for my walks, is refreshing my fitness wardrobe. Why wait ’til January when you can be enjoying that boost of motivation now, when you probably need it the most?! 

This is where Get The Label comes in. They’re an online designer outlet store, with a fantastic section of women’s fitness wear. From casual loungewear (those Adidas joggers are SO comfy and perfect for days off) to figure hugging, supportive gym gear (I love the crossover strap on the Haus by Hoxton Haus sports bra). You can get top to toe fitness gear from amazing brands for a discounted price. Perfect to treat yourself when your budget is a little tighter. Head here to take a look at all the goodies they have on offer. 

How do you treat yourself and make time for self care in Autumn/Winter? Any top tips to share?

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Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x

Sports Bra – Haus by Hoxton Haus
Leggings – Asics
Top – Asics
Joggers – Adidas
Sweatshirt – Adidas x Stella McCartney
All from Get The Label

Thanks to Get The Label for providing all the clothing pieces for this blogpost as PR samples. All opinions are my own and I picked out items that I love and would purchase with my own money.