Mindset Strategy Magic Academy™

The group coaching program for ambitious, soulful and service lead coaches, creatives and consultants

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy

Calling all ambitious, soulful women in business

I can’t tell you how often I connect with female entrepreneurs who want to attract dream clients, sell their services with soul and create a business that allows them to live a life full of freedom, joy and impact.

But their current reality looks far from that. Yeah they’ve worked with some clients, but they’re ready for more. And that growth feels out of reach.

They ask me…


Kat what am I missing? Where am I going wrong?”

Your heart bursts thinking about the vision and impact you want to create with your business.

But the plateau in growth, the tumbleweed in your DMs, and the mindset blocks leave you feeling flat, wondering if everyone else knows a secret that you don’t.

Where you are now...

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy is perfect for you if...

Why it works

Why Mindset, Strategy & Manifestation will transform you and your business

Success Mindest

You can have the best strategy and knowledge in the world from leading industry experts, but if you’re doubting whether it’s possible for you or burning out…that strategy is worth nothing. You’re unlikely to even use it!

Business Strategy

You can spend all day meditating, journaling and believing you’re an abundant boss babe, but if your strategy is “wing it and hope for the best”, you’re missing out on next level results, growth and revenue.

Manifesting Magic

Ever wondered how business owners can manifest clients, sales and launches seemingly out of nowhere? It’s not an accident. They’ve infused spiritual manifestation tools into their business.

As a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, I’ve used this magic combination to coach dozens of female founders to reach the level of income and impact they desire.

And I’m honoured to bring it all to the table for you in this program.

What it’s like to work with me

Nisha 1:1 Coaching Testimonial


Landed her first client within two weeks and took her business full time within 6 months

“Kat gave me so much confidence and emotional support. Within a month I’d launched my website, created a signature program and signed two clients so easily just from having Kat as my coach believing in me.”

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Business Coaching for Female Founders


Attracted £10k+ months and sell out launches, and hired her husband!

“Kat has helped me work on my CEO mindset and scale my business. I always leave our calls with more clarity and confidence, with this sense of…I can do this. I’ve fucking got this. Kat is such an intuitive coach and is super knowledgeable. She is just the best coach.”


Doubled her 9-5 income and landed dream clients within 6 months

“Whilst being coached by Kat I lost my job. If I wasn’t working with her, I don’t know what I’d have done. I turned my side hustle into my full time business. In my first month I doubled my 9-5 income, and I’ve built a life I’ve always dreamed of.”

What's included?

This is a 6 month group coaching container

Here’s what you’ll have access to each month…

Mindset Coaching Call

Release, heal and rewire the blocks that have kept you stuck. Get ready for lasting, lifelong shifts in your mindset, beliefs and identity on a cellular level. Your business starts and ends with you, it’s time to put yourself first and recognise your power and potential.

Valued at £500

Business Strategy Call

Get priceless strategic insight, training and guidance on the strategies that matter. Make CEO moves with confidence, with real-time accountability, coaching and application. From selling with soul, to launching and marketing like a boss, I’ve got you covered.

Valued at £500

Manifesting Magic Toolkit

Access tools, rituals and techniques that will get you tapping into Universal guidance, connecting with your Higher Self and manifesting magic in your business and life.

Allow spirituality to be a guiding light of love and support in your business, so you can enjoy this journey and be available for miracles.

Valued at £300

MSM Resource Library

You get 24/7 access to bite sized training, video walkthroughs, implementation worksheets and more for your time inside the group coaching.

Your welcome pack will guide you to the resources most relevant for you and your business goals, so you can feel supported and make progress in your first week!

Valued at £2000

Community Support

Inside our Zoom calls and private WhatsApp Group, surround yourself with women who are there to lift you up when you’re challenged, keep you accountable and celebrate every single win you have, big or small. You might just meet your new business bestie!

Value – Priceless!

Your Questions Answered

Dedicated support from me on each and every call, answering questions throughout. Plus access to coaching in your pocket, for all your questions in our WhatsApp group. Plenty of opportunities to get advice, guidance and feedback from me on your business.

Value – Priceless!


Monthly accountability & goals check ins

Bonus calls & trainings with myself and guest experts

And so much more magic to come!

This isn’t just another program that overwhelms you and leaves you feeling like you’re back at school, ‘behind’ on your homework and being pressured to hustle every week.

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy is for the soulful, ambitious woman who desires to work smarter, not harder.

There is no such thing as ‘behind’ here, only moving forward and manifesting your dream life and business, on your terms.

Take a look inside

An overview of the MSM Resource Library, as well as what I will support you with on calls

Create an inspiring mission and vision for your business that makes you wanna jump out of bed every morning and has clients and customers knocking down your door. Unlock the unshakeable confidence, self belief and rock solid boundaries to help you make it happen no matter what.

Say bye bye to old, sleazy tactics that have you chasing clients and customers and giving them the hard sell. In fact, throw out the whole damn rule book that every other ‘guru’ told you to follow – this is about doing business your way! It’s time to create irresistible offers that your community LOVE to pay you for, make selling a daily and oh so fun part of running your business (yep, I said fun!) and lock in the abundance mindset that has you pricing, selling and attracting dream clients and customers like it’s second nature.

Building an impactful, value-driven business is about building real relationships with your clients and customers. I understand social media and marketing can be overwhelming and lead you down the comparison trap, or have you giving up when you see little to no return. Let me give you all of the tools, tricks and how-tos to make your online marketing sustainable, engaging and profitable – whatever platform you’re on. I’m keeping no secrets! Get behind the scenes insights on Instagram growth, Stories & Reels, email marketing, copywriting, podcasts, websites and much more.

Does launching a new product, program or service fill you with dread, fear and self doubt? Allow me to lift the veil and share ALL the inside information, strategies and marketing hacks to make your next launch a success. From building a sales page that converts, planning a launch calendar, all the way through to mindset support to maintain your faith and energy.

You’re done with having a small business – it’s time to make serious CEO moves. Taking your business to the next level requires you to step into the role of CEO and Founder.

To do this, you need mindset coaching, leadership training and support to help you create that shift in your beliefs, actions and identity. From scaling, to delegating, wealth mindset and beyond.

Plus these bonuses

On top of all that, you also receive these with your investment

Back to Business

3-part Workshop Series

Every woman who joins Mindset Strategy Magic Academy will receive complimentary access to Back to Business.

Mindset coaching and business strategy to bulletproof your business, supercharge your self belief and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Training 1 – Unshakeable Faith in your Massive Success

Training 2 – Selling with Soul & Service

Training 3 – Your Formula to £5K months

Valued at £300

Bespoke Instagram Audit

Strategy to reach your ideal client

Every woman who joins Mindset Strategy Magic Academy will receive a bespoke Instagram Audit.

Have me take a look at the ins and outs of your account and give you bespoke guidance based on your niche and goals. This will be a pre-recorded video sent to you in your welcome email.

Whether you want to refine your messaging, reach more ideal clients, get clicks on that link in your bio or anything else. You’ll receive tangible action steps and pointers.

Valued at £300

Pay in Full Bonus

1:1 Coaching Session with Kat

For the women paying for MSM Academy in full, you will receive a bonus 1:1 coaching session to kick off our 6 months together.

This is your chance to receive bespoke guidance, coaching, mentoring and support on any topic you want in your business. You’ll be hitting the ground running let’s just say that!

Valued at £500

Total Value

£18,000 for 6 months

This could easily be a 5 figure investment and worth every penny for the support you receive

Your investment today? A fraction of that

Payment Plan

£ 399 6 x monthly payments
  • Monthly Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • MSM Resource Library
  • 6 Months of Business, Mindset, Strategy & Manifestation Group Coaching
  • Bonus Instagram Audit from Kat
  • Bonus Access to Back to Business

Pay in Full

£ 2222
  • Monthly Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • MSM Resource Library
  • 6 Months of Business, Mindset, Strategy & Manifestation Group Coaching
  • Bonus Instagram Audit from Kat
  • Bonus Access to Back to Business
  • PLUS 1:1 Session with Kat

Will you be DMing me this?

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Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Testimonials
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Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Testimonials 2

Real Results

Meet Amy, a Personal Trainer

During the 2nd UK lockdown, whilst gyms were shut, she was able to take her business and clients fully online, bringing her income and stability at a time when many fitness professionals have struggled.

Through the exact marketing strategies and mindset support I’m sharing with you in this program, she was able to maintain a touchpoint with her current and prospective clients, offering them support and guidance at a time where they needed it most. The result? More income and more impact doing the work she loves.

In 2021, she made the powerful decision to not return to the gym and to be completely self employed as a PT. She now sets her own hours and works with clients she loves.

This was her ‘one day’ goal when she came to work with me – it’s now her reality.

Meet Emma, an Accountant

Emma has grown her business over a number of years through word of mouth and referrals. She’s bloody good at what she does! She came to me at a crucial point in her business, where she knew to move forward and reach the next stage of growth she had to work on her mindset and self belief.

Well, working together meant Emma’s annual turnover from 2020 to 2021 increased by 36% after hitting a plateau, and more importantly she’s finally feeling like the badass Founder she is.

This confidence has lead to so many more opportunities, paid speaking engagements and guest workshops, that will expand her income, impact and reach her ideal clients.

Best of all – she’s achieved this working less hours in her business and spending more time putting herself first.

Are you my soulmate client?

I’m Kat, a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, guiding ambitious, soulful women to put themselves first, step into their potential and manifest a life and business even better than their vision board.

I believe your mindset and energy is directly linked to your business growth. The success of your business can only go as far as your mindset can take it. As a Female Founder, you seriously deserve to put yourself first!

After 5 years of coaching incredible women like you, I’ve seen first-hand that my work not only grows your business, increases your income and helps you achieve your goals with confidence.

It changes who you are. Coaching unlocks the unshakeable self belief needed to be the badass CEO I know you’re here to be.

So yeah, this is the place to get excited about the big, shiny, awesome goals you have in your business. It’s also the place to become the woman you’re here to be in this world, building the life you and your loved ones deserve.

You know if your heart and soul is calling for this next level. Jump in.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood founder Kat Horrocks


The answers you need to say YES to this next level investment

Within MSM Academy you get:

  • 6 months of group coaching
  • 1 x Monthly Mindset Coaching
  • 1 x Monthly Strategy Session
  • 1 x Monthly Accountability & Goals Check ins (via WhatsApp)
  • Private WhatsApp Group to have me in your pocket as your coach! And an amazing group of female entrepreneurs cheering each other on
  • Your MSM Resource Library with hours upon hours of training
  • Weekly Q&A time with Kat (on a call or in the WhatsApp group)
  • Your Manifesting Magic Toolkit – tools to reprogram your mindset for success, step into your Higher Self and manifest magic in your business and life
  • And if you get the bonus, a 1:1 session with me to kick things off!

So basically, the investment of a lifetime 😉

We begin this next round in October, but in the meantime you will receive:

  • Access to your MSM Resource Bank to get started
  • An onboarding form to share your business goals with me
  • A welcome email with pointers on what resources to start with based on your goals
  • An invite to our WhatsApp Group
  • A goal setting call and introductions on Wednesday 28th September at 12pm

A full calendar schedule for 6 months ahead is released.

Our calls are generally Tuesdays at 12pm. This can be subject to change if the intake prefers a different day.

All calls will be uploaded to replay the following day.

I’ve created this program with business owners who crave more creativity, flexibility and freedom in mind. We start a business to do what we love, and have more time.

With that in mind – just a few hours a week I’d say. For best results and growth, I’d say about 1-1.5 hours a week learning/being coached (on that week’s call or in the core content) and 1-1.5 hours a week implementing in your business. Your accountability check ins and support in the Facebook Group will help with implementation too.

This is not another overwhelming, cohort style course or group where you feel ‘behind’ if you aren’t doing your homework every week. I dunno about you but I left that pressure behind for good when I left school!

There is no such thing as ‘behind’ in MSM Academy. We are all on our own unique journey as business owners.

The beauty of high level, ongoing group coaching like this means you can jump in anytime, start feeling supported instantly and begin making progress in your first week.

The core content is all self-study and you’ll only be directed to resources relevant for you.

You also can access all replays of our calls, whether you like showing up live, catching up in your own time or binging all the previous calls.

Bonus Tip: I like having CEO days in my calendar, where I don’t have client calls, so I can dedicate time to my own coaching, learning and development. Join MSM and try it out!

MSM Academy is perfect for business owners within 0-2 years of business, who are already working with clients and are already making sales.

I’m lucky to have supported women at every stage of their business, from start up ideas to helping consultants negotiate £50k+ projects.

You’d honestly be surprised how similar the problems are these women face. It’s mindset blocks. It’s strategy support needed. It’s losing touch with the magic of their business.

All that being said, anything that you can Google won’t be covered in this program. We’re going higher level and making this bespoke coaching and strategy for you.

If you need me to teach you how to setup a payment plan in Kajabi, this isn’t for you. If you want me to help you craft a magnetic, irresistible program that you’re excited AF about, I’m your gal. See what I mean?

The only stage I’d say MSM Academy is not suited for is if you ‘just think’ you wanna start a business. Maybe you’re in the ideas phase or you’re just not sure. This is a program for women who are certain they desire a life of freedom, magic and impact as an entrepreneur.

There won’t be specific training or support to gain clarity on a business idea.

If your idea is a ‘FUCK YES I need to do this’ – Sign up because we are there for you every step of the way and you’ll have the bonus workshop ‘Start your business today’!

However, if you are an ‘ideas person’ (AKA – you have multiple ideas but you’re not ready to move forward and take action yet) – this isn’t the program for you right now. I’d love to welcome you in the next round when you do have that clarity!

This group coaching is designed for coaches, creatives, consultants and online service providers.

For the strategy we use on things like launching and offers, as well as bringing you a network of other women who you can connect with and learn from.

That being said, if you resonate with all of the above or offer a blend of service and product, this may be a good fit.

Feel free to DM me on Instagram and we can chat.

If you offer a service inside a physical location, YES!

If you sell a product, see my answer above this one.

I’ve struggled to find a program that offers BOTH dedicated mindset support unique to the challenges faced by women in business, as well as the expert strategy, tools and structure required to grow and scale a business.

So I made it myself. 😉 

I made it myself because you need both, and I offer my amazing 1:1 clients both. But I also understand that not everyone can work with me 1:1 and some people actually prefer group programs.

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy is a group program. Which means all the magic happens within the group calls, the Facebook Group and your self-study content.

You will have lots of personal touchpoints with me, including live on the calls and inside WhatsApp. However, dedicated 1:1 coaching is not included.

The only exception to this is your monthly check in with Kat on WhatsApp. Outside of this, you will not be permitted to receive coaching DMs, emails or elsewhere from Kat in a private setting.

If you feel you’d benefit from 1:1 coaching and more intimate support alongside the group coaching, get in touch to arrange a VIP upgrade to receive monthly 1:1 calls alongside MSM Academy.

Plus, if you pay in full, you receive a bonus 1:1 to get started. So consider that.

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and ask yourself…

“In 6 months time, will I be grateful I bet on myself even though I was scared?”

If the answer is yes, jump in and join. The safest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

By signing up, you agree in full to the Terms of Sale. Please click here to read these