Mindset Strategy Magic Academy

A 12 week program for female founders ready to create life changing impact, income and magic in their business

It's time to take your business to the next level

You’re ready to create, grow and scale a profitable, heart-lead and impactful business that changes lives.

I’m here to break down the magic business formula to help you make that dream your reality.

This program contains the exact strategies and support I’ve shared with dozens of 1:1 clients across several industries, from accountants to personal trainers, to coaches and social media managers.

Helping Female Founders…

All whilst having a positive impact in the world with the life changing work their business provides.

The Formula?

Which one sounds like you?

Over the years, the Female Founders I work with come to me with one of two dilemmas. Being a forever student myself, I also noticed how online education for women in business tends to focus on one or the other.


“Help me get out of my own way and let go of (*insert mindset block*) because it’s holding me back from growing my business”


“Show me how to launch, build and scale my business”


“Here’s my go-to proven strategy for growth”


“Here are my journaling prompts and meditations to help with confidence”

Success Stories

Nisha 1:1 Coaching Testimonial


“Kat gave me so much confidence and emotional support. Within a month I’d signed two clients so easily just from having Kat as my coach believing in me.”

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Business Coaching for Female Founders


“I always leave our calls with this sense of…I can do this. I’ve fucking got this. Kat is such an intuitive coach and is super knowledgeable. She is just the best coach.”



“My outlook on life has changed by Kat challenging my thought processes. I now not only dream about all the possibilities in my life, I make them happen.”

Why Mindset and Strategy will transform your business

Here’s what I know to be true about you as a Female Founder…
Which camp do you fall into? Maybe you resonate with both!


You can spend all day meditating, journaling and believing you’re an abundant boss babe, but if your strategy is “wing it and hope for the best”, you’re missing out on next level results, growth and revenue.


You can have the best strategy and knowledge in the world from leading industry experts, but if you’re doubting whether it’s possible for you or burning out…that strategy is worth nothing. You’re unlikely to even use it!

As a Mindset & Success Coach, this magic combination of mindset and strategy for success is what gets me going!

And I’m honoured to bring it all to the table for you in this program.

Reach that next level

This program is perfect for you if…

You have BIG plans and even bigger dreams for your business – and the life you want for yourself and your loved ones thanks to that business!

You’re ready for more sales, income and profit, making ‘sold out, fully booked and in demand’ your new normal

You know that the more your business grows, the more impact you have on the people you care about – and you’re here to create life changing impact on the lives of your loved ones, clients/customers and community

You take the success of your business seriously – there is no plan B

You believe in uplifting all women in business, knowing when one woman wins, we all win

You’re passionate about the work you do and you’re bloody good at it – you just need some support to reach that NEXT LEVEL and step into the CEO you know you’re here to be

You’re done with comparison, competition and old school ways of doing business. You’re ready to create massive success from a place of heart, soul and abundance

With structure, accountability and support, you know you can take action and commit to the next 12 weeks and beyond

If you answered YES to any of the above, consider this your invite to dive in and join us!

Before you carry on scrolling…this program is NOT for everyone

It’s not gonna work for you or your business if…

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy is for women who are serious about reaching for that next level, and won’t settle for anything less.

Success Stories

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Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Testimonials
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Mindset Strategy Magic Academy Testimonials 2

What’s Included?

Our 12-week group program will include 5 phases of expert support, tools and guidance, offering you a complete roadmap to elevate every area of your business. I’m holding nothing back!

LIVE Mindset Group Coaching

It’s time to realise your true potential and power as a woman in business, with mindset coaching in each phase of the program. From self belief, to badass boundaries, to money mindset and more.

Your MSM Academy Content Bank

Inside your Content Bank, you will have 24/7 access to bite sized training, video walkthroughs, implementation worksheets and more released in each phase. Work through these at our own pace based on your unique business and goals.

LIVE Strategy Sessions*

Watch hotseat strategy sessions with fellow female founders in the program. From planning a launch, to social media audits and more – see the theory and strategy come to life with practical application and real life examples.

Q&A Time

Dedicated support from me on each and every call, answering questions throughout. Plus bonus Q&As as we move through the program in the Facebook Group. Plenty of opportunities to get advice, guidance and feedback from me on your business.

Community Support & Accountability

Surround yourself with women who are there to lift you up when you’re challenged, keep you accountable and celebrate every single win you have, big or small. PLUS take part in our optional Accountability Partner Program!

Lifetime Access

With access to the materials for the lifetime of the program, you can revisit any of the content, anytime, anywhere.

Take part in future live rounds and access all future updates to your Content Bank. As your business grows, the knowledge and support available to you will as well.

*Someone will be picked before each live strategy session – it could be you receiving 1:1 guidance and feedback!

Plus these Bonuses!

Included at no additional cost

The Put Yourself FIrst Sisterhood Monthly Group Coaching for women personal development mindset spirituality
Business Success Toolkit

Access to all my tried and tested tools, systems and software as soon as you join. From email marketing, to website building, client onboarding and more, I’m sharing it all with you including recommendations for both beginner and established businesses.

Alongside a reading list full of game-changing personal and business development books, you’ll be able to get learning straight away!

Mindset and Business Coaching with Kat Horrocks for Ambitious Women in Business, CEOs and female founders
Start Your Business Today

For women at the very beginning of their journey, I’ve got you covered. Get access to this BONUS 30-minute masterclass covering everything I have to share to get you started.

Including ALL the things I wish someone had told me when I was in your shoes! Dive in so you’re ready to go with us when the live round begins.

That’s not all though

3 Bonus Live Masterclasses

Sold out and Fully Booked with Soul

Sara Dalrymple, Sales Strategist

Guess what? Selling doesn’t have to be sleazy, feel awkward or be avoided at all costs. I’m delighted to bring Sales Strategist Sara on to help you sell YOUR way. Get the confidence and tools you need to make more sales in your business.

SEO and Digital Marketing Secrets

Holly Wood, Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant

Holly makes SEO feel second nature, even if you have zero tech skills. Let her breakdown the importance of your website and SEO, increasing traffic to your website, how your business can rank in Google search (hello new clients and customers!) and more marketing secrets.

Lead Like a CEO

Nikki Cross, Leadership Coach

You are the leader and CEO of your business, whether you make £100 a month or £10,000 a month. In this leadership training and mindset workshop, she’ll have you thinking, feeling and making decisions like a leader in your business.

Total Value

The Total Value of Mindset Strategy Magic Academy + All your Bonuses = £5,000+

The price will be significantly higher next time around to reflect this.

But for you, it’s no way near that investment…

Pay in Full

£ 888
In full
  • LIVE Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • Content bank full of resources and training
  • 3 x Bonus masterclasses with industry experts
  • 12 Weeks of Business, mindset & Strategy Group Coaching

Payment Plan

£ 296
3 x Monthly Payments
  • LIVE Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • Content bank full of resources and training
  • 3 x Bonus masterclasses with industry experts
  • 12 Weeks of Business, mindset & Strategy Group Coaching

The value of creating your dream life and business? You cannot put a price tag on that dream.

Imagine where you could be in 3 months time if you make this investment today?

Real Results

What results do you wanna be celebrating at the end of 2021? 

I can’t wait to celebrate YOUR success story in Mindset Strategy Magic Academy grad. 

Meet Amy, a Personal Trainer

During the 2nd UK lockdown, whilst gyms were shut, she was able to take her business and clients fully online, bringing her income and stability at a time when many fitness professionals have struggled.

Through the exact marketing strategies I’m sharing with you in this program, she was able to maintain a touchpoint with her current and prospective clients, offering them support and guidance at a time where they needed it most. The result? More income and more impact doing the work she loves.

She’s recently made the powerful decision to not return to the gym and to be completely self employed as a PT. This was her ‘one day’ goal when she came to work with me – it’s now her reality.

Meet Emma, an Accountant

Emma has grown her business over a number of years through word of mouth and referrals. She’s bloody good at what she does! She came to me at a crucial point in her business, where she knew to move forward and reach the next stage of growth she had to work on her mindset and self belief.

Well, since working together Emma’s annual turnover has increased by 36% after hitting a plateau, and more importantly she’s finally feeling like the badass Founder she is.

This confidence has lead to so many more opportunities, such as paid speaking engagements and guest workshops, that will expand her income, impact and reach her ideal clients. Best of all – she’s achieved this working less hours in her business and spending more time putting herself first.

How it works

Take a peek inside each phase

Create an inspiring mission and vision for your business that makes you wanna jump out of bed every morning and has clients and customers knocking down your door. Unlock the unshakeable confidence, self belief and rock solid boundaries to help you make it happen no matter what.

Say bye bye to old, sleazy tactics that have you chasing clients and customers and giving them the hard sell. In fact, throw out the whole damn rule book that every other ‘guru’ told you to follow – this is about doing business your way! It’s time to create irresistible offers that your community LOVE to pay you for, make selling a daily and oh so fun part of running your business (yep, I said fun!) and lock in the abundance mindset that has you pricing, selling and attracting dream clients and customers like it’s second nature.

Building an impactful, value-driven business is about building real relationships with your clients and customers. I understand social media and marketing can be overwhelming and lead you down the comparison trap, or have you giving up when you see little to no return. Let me give you all of the tools, tricks and how-tos to make your online marketing sustainable, engaging and profitable – whatever platform you’re on. I’m keeping no secrets! Get behind the scenes insights on Instagram growth, Stories & Reels, email marketing, copywriting, podcasts, websites and much more.

Does launching a new product, program or service fill you with dread, fear and self doubt? Allow me to lift the veil and share ALL the inside information, strategies and marketing hacks to make your next launch a success. From building a sales page that converts, planning a launch calendar, all the way through to mindset support to maintain your faith and energy.

You’re done with having a small business – it’s time to make serious CEO moves. Taking your business to the next level requires you to step into the role of CEO and Founder. This phase is packed with mindset coaching, leadership training and support to help you create that shift in your beliefs, actions and identity. From scaling, to delegating, wealth mindset and beyond.

Meet the Founder!

I’m Kat, a Mindset & Success Coach for women, I’m dedicated to helping women rewire their mindset for success, so they can achieve their goals and live their next level life.

I believe your personal development is directly linked to your business development. The success of your business can only go as far as your mindset can take it. As a Female Founder, you seriously deserve to put yourself first!

After 4 years of coaching incredible women like you, I’ve seen first-hand that my work not only grows your business, increases your income and helps you achieve your goals with confidence.

It changes who you are. Coaching unlocks the unshakeable self belief needed to be the badass CEO I know you’re here to be.

So yeah, this is the place to get excited about the big, shiny, awesome goals you have in your business. It’s also the place to become the woman you’re here to be in this world, building the life you and your loved ones deserve.

You know if your heart and soul is calling for this next level. Jump in.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

Pay in Full

£ 888
In full
  • LIVE Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • Content bank full of resources and training
  • 3 x Bonus masterclasses with industry experts
  • 12 Weeks of Business, mindset & Strategy Group Coaching

Payment Plan

£ 296
3 x Monthly Payments
  • LIVE Mindset & Strategy Calls
  • Community Support & Accountability
  • Content bank full of resources and training
  • 3 x Bonus masterclasses with industry experts
  • 12 Weeks of Business, mindset & Strategy Group Coaching


The answers you need to say YES to this next level investment

Within MSM Academy you get:

  • 12 week group program with weekly calls
  • Your MSM Academy Content Bank – your login to this bank of self-study material, walkthroughs, videos and how-tos in each phase of the program
  • 6 x LIVE Mindset Coaching
  • 5 x LIVE Strategy Sessions
  • Q&A time with Kat in the live sessions and ad-hoc in the Facebook Group
  • Private Facebook Group with fellow students – connect with like minded female entrepreneurs
  • Accountability buddy program to connect with another woman
  • Access to future live rounds and future updates to the materials
  • 3 x BONUS Guest expert sessions
  • BONUS Business Success Toolkit
  • BONUS Start Your Business Today Masterclass


So basically, the investment of a lifetime 😉

Doors close for enrolment on Sunday 6th June.

The full rundown is as follows:

Phase 1 (Vision & Self Belief) runs 7th-20th June

Phase 2 (Connect & Attract) runs 21st June-4th July

Phase 3 (Marketing Like a Boss) runs 5th-18th July

Phase 4 (Launching with Impact) runs 19th July-1st August)

2nd-8th August is a Break/Implementation Week

Phase 5 (CEO moves) runs 9th-29th August

30th August-5th September is Graduation Week (with a final Q&A and Grad Party!)

A full calendar schedule will be sent out before the program begins! Live calls will be held midweek, mostly during the day with some evenings. Any calls missed will be available to replay the following day, so don’t stress!

I’ve created this program with busy business owners in mind. As you have tons of self-study material AND access to all replays of workshops, you can work through at your own pace AND pick and choose what you really need right now in your business.


For best results and growth, I’d say about 3-4 hours a week of dedicated time (that’s watching that week’s call, accessing any self-study materials you need and actually IMPLEMENTING the strategies and tools into your business)

Bonus Tip: Many of my clients find having a dedicated morning to themselves and their business a total game changer for growth and development. Friday mornings seem to work best as a rule – no calls, appointments or client work on Friday mornings. Just time for business development and working ON the business.

If you can block out one morning, afternoon or evening (depending on how you like to work) to MSM Academy each week, you will be WINNING!

I’ve designed MSM academy to support new AND established business owners. The phases will benefit everyone, no matter what stage you’re at. I’m lucky to have supported women at every stage of their business, from starting, to building, to scaling. Each stage has its unique challenges and I can offer support with all of them.

For new business owners in the early stages, it’s an ‘everything I wish I’d known’ all rolled into one, so you are starting and growing your business on the right foot!

For established business owners, it’s a refresh on the core foundations you need to sustain growth (often with a fresh perspective as I don’t always follow the rulebook!) as well as next level tips on things like launching, scaling and outsourcing.

Plus with lifetime access, you receive all future updates as my business grows, and I continue to expand my knowledge and insight.

The only stage I’d say MSM Academy is not suited for is if you ‘just think’ you wanna start a business. Maybe you’re in the ideas phase or you’re just not sure. This is a program for women who are certain they desire a life of freedom, magic and impact as an entrepreneur.

There won’t be specific training or support to gain clarity on a business idea.

If your idea is a ‘FUCK YES I need to do this’ – Sign up because we are there for you every step of the way and you’ll have the bonus workshop ‘Start your business today’!

However, if you are an ‘ideas person’ (AKA – you have multiple ideas but you’re not ready to move forward and take action yet) – this isn’t the program for you right now. I’d love to welcome you in the next round when you do have that clarity!

Having built two service based businesses (makeup artistry and coaching) my expertise lies in service based businesses. However, the majority of MSM academy absolutely applies to businesses selling a product.

Many of the strategies and coaching shared on mindset, marketing and beyond apply to both product and service based businesses, as they’re rooted in theory and universal principles.

As this is the first ever round, your business will grow with the academy and the academy will grow with the knowledge of your business and feedback. So if we have loads of product selling babes, I will FOR SURE get an e-commerce expert in to help you in the next round. 🙂 

As answered above, I’d say my expertise lies in online business. MSM Academy is created for business owners with an online presence.

As mentioned previously, many of the principles and theories shared are universal. If you run a business with a physical location, you still need support with your mindset as a Founder, your marketing strategy and outsourcing, for example. 

Plus as a physical store/location, you arguably need to dedicate even more energy to building an online presence in your local area to drive footfall, especially from Google search. So I’d say yes!

I’ve struggled to find a program that offers BOTH dedicated mindset support unique to the challenges faced by women in business, as well as the expert strategy, tools and structure required to grow and scale a business.

So I made it myself. 😉 

I made it myself because you need both, and I offer my amazing 1:1 clients both. But I also understand that not everyone can work with me 1:1 and some people actually prefer group programs.

Mindset Strategy Magic Academy is a group program. Which means all the magic happens within the group calls, the Facebook Group and your self-study content.

Outside of the feedback given on group Q&A and the strategy sessions, 1:1 coaching is not included and you will not be permitted to receive coaching DMs, emails or elsewhere from Kat in a private setting.

If you feel you’d benefit from 1:1 coaching alongside the program, get in touch to apply for a May/June start as I have very limited spots (and the group is included as a bonus for 1:1 clients, so you’d get both!)

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and ask yourself…

“In 3 months time, will I be grateful I bet on myself even though I was scared?”

If the answer is yes, jump in and join. The safest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

By signing up for Mindset Strategy Magic Academy, you agree to the full Terms and Conditions. Please click here to read these in full.