Manifesting Business Growth, Success and Abundance using Feng Shui with Patricia Lohan

In this episode, I talk to Patricia Lohan, an expert in Feng Shui. Patricia specialises in helping women to manifest more success, happiness and abundance in their business and life through the power of Feng Shui. 

She describes Feng Shui as “acupuncture for your home” and she truly believes that if your house is in order and balanced, your whole life becomes aligned also. When your house is tapped into universal flow, you are naturally going to be in the same flow and in turn this brings more opportunities, more ease and more joy within your life.

We discuss:

  • Patricia’s journey into Feng Shui at 15 and how she used it later to manifest love into her life by creating a welcoming space in her house for someone to share.
  • The misconceptions of Feng Shui and how it’s not about just moving furniture around. Patricia unravels these misconceived ideas and shares the potency of the alchemical practice.
  • Tips to clean up and clear up the energy of your home so you can manifest more success, happiness and abundance. 
  • How Feng Shui can be used to bring things back into balance. Good Feng Shui means things are happening in abundance, for example, if your house is in good balance, you’re happy and everything is flowing well. 
  • How our environment impacts our energy and vice versa. Each house has its own personal energy and blueprint and this will have an ongoing impact upon your life. 
  • Tips on how to design your office space to work best for your productivity and success and how important it is to make this space a priority.

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