Making Time For Self Care With a Busy Schedule!

Self care. We know we need it. We know we should do more of it. Yet, so often, we don’t. And why?

Because we’re too busy? Because we feel selfish? Because we’re already looking after someone or something else, at home or at work? 

Whatever your reason is, I hope today’s post encourages you to MAKE time for some self care in your schedule.

Unfortunately, as with anything that is good for us and improves our life, you just can’t find time for it, you have to consciously carve that time out to dedicate to it. 

Small moments, every day

Since finding moments of my day where I can incorporate a small act of self care, it has made me so much happier. It really improves my mood and energy levels throughout the day, when I take advantage of those 5, 10, 20 minute windows to do something kind for myself. 

  • Getting back in bed with a cup of tea whilst I read my book and meditate in the morning. 
  • Taking a 15 minute break and walking round the block to get some fresh air. 
  • Spending an extra 5 minutes on my skincare routine, to put a face mask on, or use my favourite body lotion. 
  • Having a tea break mid afternoon – watching my favourite Youtube channel and having a snack.
  • Spraying my favourite perfume, or diffusing essential oils. 
  • Stopping for a minute between tasks to give my cat a cuddle.

They might not seem like much, and they really don’t take up much time, but the small things add up to a big boost of happiness. 

Write your own self care “prescription”

Not that kind of prescription! But this is a fun way I find to stick to my self care practice and make it a disciplined part of my weekly routine.

Make a list of things you LOVE to do, or you know make you feel your best – perhaps the things you don’t find time for, or want to do more. 

Now, take those things and add them in as manageable appointments throughout your week. And just like you wouldn’t ignore an appointment with your doctor or dentist, don’t ignore an appointment with yourself!

Consider self care another important part of your health and wellbeing. 

My self care prescription:

  • 3-5 workouts scheduled throughout the week, as 1 hour slots in my diary
  • 1 full day off – usually Sunday
  • A regular sleep schedule
  • Daily morning routine – reading, meditation, gratitude and writing. 
  • 1 pamper evening – a completely self indulgent evening where I just do whatever I fancy, but usually involves a bubble bath, beauty treatments and Netflix. 

Don’t feel the need to add loads of things into your routine at once – start with one thing, like having one evening a week of ‘me time’. Once you’re enjoying the benefits of that in your week, build on it. 

Schedule it FIRST

Looking after yourself should be a priority.

When you show up for yourself every day, you have so much more to offer the world. More presence, more happiness, more energy and joy. So start putting yourself first.

This means scheduling self care as a priority in your schedule. Don’t wait till the end of your to do list and hope you’ll fit it in, or wait till you’re so burnt out you have to be forced to care for yourself in order to stay sane! 

When I sit down to look at my calendar for the week, I write in my appointments and the first thing I do, before I write any to do list tasks, is write ‘DAY OFF :)’ in big letters on Sunday, or whenever I’m off that week. I also write any other fun activities with friends/family which I’d also consider self care, like dates with my boyfriend, or evenings I’m spending with friends. 

Then I approach my to do list and work week from the standpoint of “everything will be done by Saturday evening, as I’m off on Sunday”. Likewise, I’m not afraid to turn down things or say no when I know I want to have that time off. As much as I love my work, my time is precious and my health and happiness has to come first! 

So – how are YOU going to make time for more self care this week? Leave me a comment letting me know below! 

Love, Kat x