Love Your Body! How To Stay Body Positive

Staying body positive in Summer time is hard.

It can seem impossible, when we’re bombarded several times a day with social media posts, articles, comments from others and more talking about self deprecation, fad diets and the worst term of the lot – “Summer bodies” (eye roll).

Today I’m sharing some tips and advice that’s helped me remain body positive, even during those times of year where, seemingly, every outside source wants me not to be. 

Loving and accepting my body is a daily choice

If you’re someone who’s struggled with your relationship with your body, self esteem, body confidence and related issues, then I hope today’s post is helpful. 

Note: Of course, this is NOT medical advise for people suffering with eating disorders or other mental health issues surrounding this topic. If your struggle goes beyond just body positivity, please seek the professional help you need and DESERVE.