Let Go of Money Guilt & Step into Self Worth with Emily Armitage

In this episode, I take a deep dive into money mindset and self-worth with Emily Armitage, wealth and worth coach. Emily helps women to build a better relationship with money by unpicking the shame and guilt they hold around finances and money mindset.

We discuss:

  • Emily’s upbringing and personal experiences with money that shaped her money mindset
  • How Emily has healed and expanded her financial empowerment after leaving a toxic, manipulative relationship
  • Money mindsets that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck in shame around money
  • Societal, cultural and socio-economic factors that impact our relationship with money

Plus tools and tips on how to unpick and expand your money mindset.

Listen to the pod:

Connect with Emily:

Web: www.emilyarmitage.co.uk

IG: @emilyarmitage

Connect with Me:

IG: @kat_horrocks

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