How Your Space Affects Your Mood

Your mindset can be closely linked with the state of your environment.

This was something of a revelation to me when I put two and two together.

If I’m stressed, have said yes to too much, or just feeling low – my room is a tip, nothing is in its place, my laundry bag is over flowing, the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned even though I know I should have done it 5 days ago.

Yet when I’m having a positive week, feeling energised, sleeping well and being productive, my room stays tidy. I have the energy to put stuff back in its place. My brain fires quicker and reminds me in the morning to throw the laundry on before I start my day. The small cleaning and tidying tasks get added to my do list throughout the week, and I have fun doing them whilst listening to music or a podcast.

I’m still not sure which one comes first. I can only assume it’s a chicken or egg situation.

Of course, when I’m in a better mood, I’m more likely to use my time wisely and make sure my space is tidy. But…I also know for a fact when my space is clean and clutter free I feel more energised. I feel happier, lighter and more focused when I walk into a room that’s tidy. It’s a feeling of peace that can’t be replicated in the same room full of clutter.

It’s such a fascinating concept…So what can we do about it?!

We all want to feel productive, focused and happy 24/, but it’s not realistic.

Here are some things that have really helped me retain a tidy space and not let things pile up, even during a stressful or tough week:

  • To do lists.

Small tasks as part of your everyday to do list really help keep your home tidy in a manageable way. It only takes 5 minutes to put a wash on in the morning, or 10 minutes at the end of the day to put things back in their place.

  • Timers.

Set a timer on your phone, or play a song, and try to tidy as much as possible before the time’s up. This is a fun challenge, which is especially helpful if you really aren’t in the mood. Sometimes, even just 3 minutes can change the way your bedroom looks. Also, as with most things, getting started is the hardest step. Once you’ve got going, you’ll probably feel energised and want to continue.

  • Music.

Music really boosts my mood and improves my mindset, which can pull me out of that slump I’m in when my mind and my room are full of clutter. Put your favourite music on, have a dance and then get to it. It’s an instant mood booster.

  • KonMari process.

Of course, this is a huge undertaking, but since doing the KonMari process, it has halved the amount of tidying I do. Once you allocate places for everything (which is most people’s problem with recurring mess), it becomes a sub conscious habit to put things back even when you don’t feel like doing a full on tidy session. And because all of my things spark joy and are organised neatly, I don’t feel overwhelmed if I do walk in the room and some things are thrown around. I know it will only take me a few minutes and then everything is neatly tucked away again!

Do you find your space and environment affects your mood as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts. ????

Love, Kat x