How To Stay Positive and Motivated! 6 Tips For A Happy Life

“How do you stay so positive/motivated/happy?”

A question I often see asked to thought leaders in the industries I follow. From people like Tony Robbins, to Oprah, even to Youtubers I watch who always put out positive vibes and lift others up with their work. Just like anything in life, staying positive and living a happy life isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s not something you attain and then you have it forever. Some people aren’t born with a gene that predisposes them to happiness.

From the small daily habits that start my day on a positive note, to the people in my life that make me smile. Today I’m sharing 6 tips to stay positive, even when times are hard. I hate to be click baity, but for real – the last tip, you’ll wanna hear because it goes completely against most of the positive thinking advice I see online. 

For me, happiness is choosing to consciously create my life and how I live it day to day. 

In light of the tragedies over the past month in the UK, this video has been sat on my hard drive for a while waiting to be uploaded. It seemed completely redundant to put out a video on positive thinking, when the whole nation (and world) was, at points, feeling like the exact opposite. I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the victims of the tragedies of Manchester, London and Grenfell and their families, so I just waited. I hope now is a better time to share it, and I’m particularly glad I included the last point in the video…you’ll know why when you hear it! 

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Thumbnail photo by Nik Bryant