How To Schedule Your Workouts!

How to schedule your own workouts! 

You’ve heard it before. Treat your workouts like any other important appointment – get it on your to do list, in your calendar, turn up on time and don’t cancel last minute!

It’s so true, and scheduling those workouts in can be half the battle to getting them done. 

So how do you schedule your workouts in your week? If you don’t have a personal trainer, or follow a specific plan, how do you balance your workout schedule?

Today I’m sharing my top tips for getting that schedule to be balanced, sustainable and fun! 

Decide your bare minimum

I think it’s good to have a realistic target of how many workouts you want to do in a week. So many people stumble in the beginning stages, because they put unnecessary pressure on themselves to get to the gym 6 days a week. 

Unless you’re a professional or aspiring athlete, there is no need to expect that much of yourself if you’re just working out for general health and fitness. 

My bare minimum is 3 workouts a week – go with whatever feels right for you.

Then make sure you consistently hit that target every week – which, if you’ve picked the right number, should be easy and enjoyable.

In fact, I actually feel the knock on effect of NOT going 3 times in a week – it has a negative effect on my mood, sleep and energy levels. So it really is a bare minimum for me. Then, anything else you want to do on top of that is a bonus and you can take each day as it comes! 

Balance your workouts

I like to have some form of strength or resistance training, some form of cardiovascular training and some form of mobility or stretching training in my routine. This reduces the risk of injury and ensures you reap the benefits of each workout. 

For me, this usually looks like weight lifting, HIIT workouts or walks and yoga.

There are dozens of other options in each category. Find the workouts you love and try to fit in a balance of them in your schedule. 

If time is an issue, you can also combine all 3 – e.g. 10 minute walk to warm up, 30 minute weight training or other resistance, then a 5 minute stretching routine at the end. 

Consistency is key

Our bodies love a schedule. We have a body clock that feels energised at certain times of the day, and exhausted at other times. Take advantage of the time of day where you’re most focused and productive, and try and fit your workout in there. 

Even if that’s not possible due to other commitments, there’s still great benefits to be had in working out at the same time every day. 

Not only will it become a habit for you and be easier to stick to, it’s also practical to make sure you always have time for your workout. If you know you’re too tired when you get home from work but only start at 10AM, getting to the gym at 7 is a great, consistent routine to have and will be so much easier to stick to in the long term. 

Figure out your consistent routine and stick to it. Consistency is what makes a habit, habit! Consistency gains you the results and the progression. There’s no such thing as a magic pill or secret fitness ‘hack’ – just consistency!

Do you schedule your own workout routine? 💪🏼 I’d love to know how you approach it and what you love to fill your workout calendar with! Leave me a comment below. 💗

Love, Kat x