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How To Detox From Social Media

how to detox from social media for more productivity, focus and happiness in your everyday life.

I love social media. It connects me with my loved ones. It connects me with wonderful, like minded strangers (that eventually become friends) all across the globe. It enables me to earn money doing what I love. It provides daily inspiration and valuable lessons from people I respect. 

However, it can also be toxic. It can bring us down. It can enable us to procrastinate. It can make us feel crap and compare our lives to others. 

So it’s all about a healthy balance for me in 2017. Spend more time in the real world, getting shit done. Whilst consciously consuming ONLY the social media content that adds value to my life. 

If you’re interested in detoxing your social media feed this year, you’ll love the tips in today’s video. It’s just like a juice detox, except better for your soul. And doesn’t rip you off. And doesn’t make you miserable. And you can still eat cake afterwards 🙂 so a winner all round really!

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