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How To Deal With Gaining Weight

how to deal with gaining weight 

As much as I tried to run from it for so long, the fact I’ve gained some weight has creeped up on me in the past 6 months.

In today’s video, I’m talking about how I’ve dealt with gaining weight, in terms of:

  • Accepting my body 
  • Living in the present moment and not obsessing over the past or future
  • Maintaining body confidence
  • Being realistic with life and circumstance changes that led to gaining weight
  • The fact that skinny does not = healthy, and how gaining some weight has benefited my mental health and balanced approach to life and food. 

I hope this video can help others who have struggled with the same mindset and confidence issues. It’s been such a journey for me but one I’m glad I’ve been through. Coming out the other side feeling the most confident and happy I’ve ever felt has made it all worthwhile.

Love, Kat x 

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