How to be a trailblazer

I’ve always heard the advice – be a trailblazer – and I never really knew what that meant!

In business, it can be really easy to follow the crowd. As useful as it is to follow in the footsteps of people you admire – and there can be so much learning and growth in that – for me, really breaking the seal of growing my business has come from doing something completely new.

It’s only this Summer I’ve realised the podcast is that fresh, new thing for me. Hardly anyone I know is doing it, and especially in the business category of podcasting – not enough women are having these discussions!

The irony is I never set out to create a super successful podcast, or for it to bring me clients or high profile guests. Put Yourself First was born from a desire to communicate. A desire to share the lifestyle that is putting yourself first and making time for your goals. It was a way for me to share other women’s perspectives, to emphasise the fact that the personal growth space is not one size fits all. A way for me to highlight the incredible voices of women who are doing incredible work in the world, and changing other women’s lives.

Am I the first person to start a podcast? Clearly not!

However, did I see (or hear) the conversations I have on Put Yourself First in my subscription feed, from the women I admire and follow? No! So I started those conversations myself.

You can’t force ideas or innovation – it’s a process

I wanted to share this because, if you’re trying your hardest to crack the code to what the next big platform is gonna be, or finding that niche that just makes sense to your industry and attracts your dreamiest clients – stop trying!

I don’t mean throw down your tools and watch Netflix all day. Just approach your creative projects with less force. I’ve found you can’t force ideas or innovation – it’s a process. Following my gut instinct has been huge as well. Not only to do that scary thing but just to recognise the nudge in the first place!

I thought about podcasting for months, and when it just wouldn’t get out of my head, I knew I had to go for it. Leading from the get-go with a full heart, a head full of ideas and lots of planning and intention in place, I’m grateful to have fallen into a routine that just clicks with my community and seems to be something quite unique.

So my advice if you want to be a trailblazer? Stay curious, follow your gut, and don’t force it. You never know what might come to the surface.