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How To Avoid Burnout As A Business Owner – Dealing With Freelancer Burnout

Earlier this year, I suffered some pretty intense burnout. 

It slowly crept up on me, but as the working months went by without prolonged rest, the cracks started to show. I felt exhausted 24/7. I was struggling to get to the gym consistently. I didn’t feel motivated. I wasn’t feeling as excited about my work as I normally do. Something was wrong and something had to change.

When I looked at my calendar, I thought…shit! I haven’t had a proper holiday this year. Being self employed, it can be quite easy to work 6 days a week continuously for months. There’s always more to do, there’s always more work coming on board. But you have to draw the line somewhere and say, “I can take a week off and it’ll still be there when I come back.” I had to get over my fear of stepping away, and know my business wasn’t going to disappear if I stopped working for a few days.

I had to trust that what I’d built was strong, and I had to practice what I preach to clients – put yourself first! 

Having been through that experience, in today’s video I’m sharing my top tips to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur. This is advice I wish I’d known myself a few months ago, I hope it helps the people who need to hear it. 

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Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x

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