Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Growth happens outside your comfort zone. 

No achievement was ever made within someone’s comfort zone! The whole point of a comfort zone is it’s the same old same old. Nothing new, no new skills, no change, no challenge. Just easy, everyday stuff.

I get it – I’m a creature of habit as well. In fact, I love my comfort zone! I could quite happily snuggle down and stay in the same (metaphorical) spot for months, with Netflix, food and the internet as my escapism. And don’t get me wrong, I still have moments where I crave that comfort. In fact, we all need those moments in life, for our own sanity, to just relax every now and then.  However, as the years go by I’m more and more aware of my comfort zone, and when I need to step out of it. Particularly when it comes to business and career, you absolutely must be in those challenging situations in order to progress and grow. 

I’ll always remember something Katrina from Tone It Up says a lot during their workouts…

“Change is uncomfortable”.

Because let me tell you…it is! Whether you’re changing physically in this example, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially…change feels SO uncomfortable, and sometimes downright scary. 

A simple way I’ve found for identifying when I need to leave my comfort zone, is to think about the things that I’m holding myself back from through fear. In business, it might be a new approach to social media marketing, it might be offering a new service, it might be creating a piece of controversial or taboo content. For you, it might be starting a business in the first place! In life, it might be starting a new hobby or skill I’ve wanted to try for ages, reaching out to someone I’ve just met to (hopefully) develop a friendship, or even having a frank, honest conversation with myself about where I’m at and what I’m neglecting when it comes to my values or goals. For you, it could be facing that credit card debt you’ve been ignoring, asking that hot person for their number at the bar or starting to look for a new job. 

The funny thing about fear is, when we push through it to step outside our comfort zone, we quickly adjust to the new normal. And then we take another fearful step, and another, and on it goes.

Fear > Leave comfort zone > Adjustment and resilience > Repeat

This for me, sums up the cycle of personal development, and it’s what sets many successful people apart from others who have big dreams but are stuck in that feeling of comfort. 

Today I want you to share with me one area your stuck in your comfort zone with, and what you can do to step out of it. I’ll share mine… For so long I’ve wanted to try pole fitness, and after months and months of ignoring this desire in the back of my mind, I went for it and booked my first month of weekly classes! It was nerve wracking. Each week I’m faced with a new move that looks and feels impossible. In fact, pole is a great example of the cycle of development, because each new pose you perfect brings another one that is WAY more advanced and complicated. I absolutely love the challenge though and it becomes addictive to see that progression each week. 

Love, Kat x