Lisa Hendrickson-Jack Fertility Friday Put Yourself First Podcast Interview

Fertility Awareness vs. Hormonal Contraception – What’s right for you? with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

This week I’m sitting down to meet Lisa Hendrickson-Jack. Lisa is a Fertility Awareness Educator and Author of The Fifth Vital Sign. Girls, are you ready to go back to school? ‘Cause you’re gonna learn a lot in this episode! We cover:

  • How hormonal birth control actually works
  • What the Fertility Awareness Method is and how it can be used to plan for and prevent pregnancy
  • The power and importance of a healthy menstrual cycle – how ovulation is an indicator of overall health and our hormones keep us happy and healthy
  • The common side effects of hormonal birth control and the stigma and taboo surrounding women who struggle with them
  • Making the best-informed choice for you and your body

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