I believe every woman deserves to put herself first and achieve her goals. Which is why I’m committed to diversity and anti-racism within my business and community.

Here’s what I’m committed to within my work…

Put Yourself First Podcast

I commit to continue amplifying the voices of women of colour, giving them a platform to share their stories, experiences and work as guests on the Put Yourself First Podcast.

Anti-Racism Work & Education

I commit to continue investing my time and money into anti-racism resources and education. As and when my business grows, this will apply to any team members as well. I want to create a safe, thoughtful and inclusive space for the women of colour in my community.

Scholarships & Support

I commit to allocating spaces where appropriate for 1:1 coaching programmes, the Sisterhood and more support for marginalised women who don’t have the resources or funds to access coaching.

Staying Open

I commit to staying open to listening, learning and correcting my own behaviour, language, actions and anything else where I stand to be corrected by a person of colour.

For the people of colour in my community – if you ever have any questions, feedback or suggestions moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out and email me at contact@kathorrocks.com

Thank you x