Eliza Hall Co-Founder of Dippy's UK Vegan Chickpea Smashes Put Yourself First Podcast Interview

Veganism, Climate Change and Chickpeas with Eliza Hall Co-Founder of Dippy’s

This week we are discussing veganism, plant-based food, climate change and the environmental impact of meat production! Thank you to my friend and client Eliza, co-founder of Dippy’s, for coming on to have this chat with me in a chilled, zero judgement zone.

Eliza shares her personal story with veganism and plant-based eating, some scary stats on the environment, and some really positive tips on adding more plant-based food into your diet.

I truly believe with climate change it’s about progress, not perfection, and small changes add up to global shifts. So whether you’re totally vegan, a complete carnivore or somewhere in the middle like me, we ask you to listen to this week’s episode with a beginner’s mind. 🙂

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Eliza’s Resource – The Journal Writer’s Companion by Alyss Thomas

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