Dear Diary…

Writing has always been an outlet for me.

I used to journal a lot as a kid. And writing has grown with me to become part of my life and work, with my blog and weekly letters. However, since all my writing is now broadcast across the internet for whoever wants to read it, things are definitely thought out and carefully edited. Of course, I always speak from my heart, but I’m very aware that others are reading.

Hence why I’ve been writing a little diary again recently, just as I did throughout my kid/teen years. With a personal diary, you’re not even thinking that someone is going to read it. It’s pure, unadulterated brain dumping onto a page. It’s those niggly thoughts you’ve been having all day, that have weighed you down. It’s the uncertainty you feel about a situation, so confusing that you’ve not even processed it enough to tell your closest friend yet. It’s a comfort to let it all go, put it to rest on paper and get a good night’s sleep with a clear mind. 

It’s like a therapy session with yourself! 

There’s something so authentic and innocent about it too – for many, it’s the only place you can 100% say what’s on your mind – without worrying about what others think, or having to be articulate, or not wanting to offend, or the whole host of other things that stand between us and expressing ourselves. 

I’d never 100% been into this whole ‘do things you enjoyed as a child’ concept – not for not wanting to, but I always just felt like my hobbies as an adult were sufficient. Now I get it. The pleasure I take from uncensored scribbling in a notepad gives me a sense of relief and comfort, in the same way it did all those years ago. I can scribble away in my messiest hand writing, about drama, about the worries on my mind, about awesome things that happened that day I’m feeling smug about. And for a moment, my world feels a little more balanced, having processed the contents of my brain for the day! 

Did you use to write a diary as a teenager as well? I’d love to know if you did, if you still write one now and what your thoughts are on this?! 

Maybe you do something else now as an adult that you enjoyed as a kid – colouring books, a particular sport, whatever it is – I’d love to know how you recapture that feeling! 

Love, Kat x