Cultivate a Community & Scale your Business with Vix Meldrew

In this episode, I talk to Vix Meldrew, the founder of Grow & Glow, which provides an empowering and supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about wanting to grow their online business.

Vix started lifestyle blogging in 2014 while juggling a stressful teaching role at a primary school. Over the few years that followed she had built up quite a community and following and realised there was more to life and it wasn’t teaching in a school. She went on to pursue building a brand which is when in 2019, she left teaching and launched Grow & Glow.

We talk about:

  • The pressures and emotional rollercoasters of growing a business.
  • How covid and lockdown has affected Grow&Glow, the changes that needed to be made and how Vix has dealt with this.
  • 2021 being the year of slowing down again and getting used to a new lifestyle shift once again.
  • How important it is to listen to your members wants and needs. More doesn’t necessarily mean better.
  • Not taking things too personally and understanding the separation needed between yourself and your brand.
  • Why you should stay true to yourself and your core values and purpose throughout trying to build a business. 

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