Could your business survive without Instagram?

Could your business survive without Instagram?

Instagram is a fantastic platform. My number one favourite in fact! But, could your business survive without Instagram? Would your business cease to exist if Instagram was taken offline again? If not, let’s talk about some things you need to address ASAP…

Email Marketing

Imagine if tomorrow, you lost touch with every single one of your followers. Could your business survive without this marketing platform?

Now, imagine if even 10% of those people were on your email list. You could…

  • Keep in touch with them on another platform.
  • Let them know about launches or other products/services.
  • Share extra value and continue building the relationship with them off a social media platform.

You own the data of your email list, and if someone says “Yes, please email me about XYZ” that means there’s something special about your business that they want to remember.

Get started with something like MailChimp. It’s free and easy to use – you have zero excuses.

Bonus tip – Don’t just say ‘keep in touch with me’ – that’s boring. Give people something of VALUE in your emails.


Social media is fun and let’s face it, essential in today’s online business world. However, you don’t own it.

You are essentially being allowed to use it, under a whole list of terms and conditions. 

At any point, your access could be rescinded, the platform could go down or you could be hacked or deleted.

I don’t say this to scare you, I say this to be real. These things happen every day.

You own your website. You rent that space on the internet, especially if you are self-hosted with WordPress.

And with a website, you build up SEO so when people Google “Women’s Business Coach near Manchester” – guess who comes up in the search results? Moi!

Long Form Content

With the instant nature of social media, it can be easy to get sucked into creating quick, easy, snack-sized content.

However, long-form content has longevity on the internet. I’m talking content that LIVES and breathes on the internet for years and years to come.

You can still go back and watch the first YouTube video ever uploaded (I actually Googled this to check, it’s one of YouTube’s Founders at the zoo).

You can still go back and listen to my first ever podcast episode from 3+ years ago – Why not go and have a binge?!

And you can find these in an instant, through search engines like YouTube and Google. Long-form content should be part of your marketing strategy, period.


I’ll finish on this…

Know. Like. Trust.

The 3 things you need to establish with someone in order for them to become a supporter and customer/client of your business and brand.

They need to know who you are, like who you are, and trust you.

Business is built on relationships and connections. Cultivating a deep sense of connection with your community will take you far.

There are women in my community I am personally in touch with. There are clients who I’ve worked with for over 12 months, members who have been in my membership for 18 months! I am personally in touch with them in messages. I know what has happened in their lives, careers, businesses, families as a result of our work together.

They keep in touch with me and I know that if anything happened to me or the business, they would be getting in touch and finding a way to contact me and work with me still.

Being relationship-focused should be an ongoing goal for any business. And will make all of the above strategies even more effective in growing a solid, sustainable business.

It’s time to take action. I want you to pick one of the abov strategies to focus on over the next week. Make a start, the future of your business will thank you!

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