Client Coaching Agreement

Cancellation and Refund Policy

As the client has invested in a 1:1 coaching program, there is a no refund policy in place once the coaching engagement has commenced. The client has invested in a coaching program as a whole, not for individual sessions, and it has been priced accordingly. The no refund policy also reflects the amount of time the coach sets aside for preparing for and attending sessions and the email support offered in-between calls.

Cancellation by Client – The client will give at least 48 hour’s notice via email if they need to reschedule a call. Under emergency circumstances on the day of the call, the coach must be informed via email. If the client misses a session without notice or communication, the session is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled.

Cancellation by the Coach –

a) In the event the Client fails to make a monthly payment via the payment plan, the Coach reserves the right to withhold all future sessions until payment is provided.

b) If the sessions are subject to rescheduling by the Coach owing to any cause beyond their reasonable control (including but not limited to sudden illness of the Coach or close family members, injury, victim of crime) then the Coach will inform the Client via email, and reschedule the call for a later date.


The coach promises the client that all information provided to the coach will be kept strictly confidential.

All audio recordings, notes and everything else shared between the coach and the client will remain confidential. The audio recordings will be available to the client on a password protected page on the coach’s website, for which login details will be provided. Any and all audio recordings, notes and resources shared with the client are for private use only; the client does not have permission to republish or distribute these materials outside of the coaching sessions.

Coaching Relationship

Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The client is also expected to be honest, straightforward and transparent in their approach to sharing information, questions and insights.

The client will have daily access to email and WhatsApp support with the coach between sessions, up until the date of their last session. The coach endeavours to reply to the client within 24-48 hours via email and the same day for WhatsApp, with the exception of illnesses, holidays and any other unusual circumstances, for which the coach will inform the client of. (Any emails or messages sent on a Sunday will be replied to on a Monday.)

The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client, and the client agrees to do just that: have the coaching relationship be powerful. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate that belief and take action to return the power to the coaching relationship.

During coaching calls, the client is expected to be fully present and not undertaking other activities such as driving or answering emails. This is to ensure that they are able to fully concentrate on the session and maximise the benefits of it.


The coach’s responsibility is to show up and deliver their best work for the client. It’s the client’s responsibility to show up and give the sessions 100% of their effort. The client accepts that results are only possible when they’re doing the work in between sessions to move forward and make things happen. The coach can never guarantee results, all they can guarantee is their willingness to support, listen to and guide the client – in the hopes the client will go on to achieve their desired results.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. It may involve all areas of your life, including your work, finances, health and relationships. You acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues and the choices you make in relation to them is exclusively your responsibility. For this reason the coach cannot guarantee any specific outcomes when you invest in coaching, or that all clients will achieve the same results.

The information and support the coach provides is not medical advice and is not intended to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals. Coaching does not treat mental disorders and is not a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, personal training, nutrition advice or medical treatment of any kind. By entering into this agreement you confirm that you will not use this service in place of any form of therapy.

The coach is not responsible for any decisions the client makes in their life as a result of the calls, and therefore the coach is not liable for any damages made from the client’s decisions.