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Celebrating The Small Wins

The real reason you procrastinate kat horrocks life coach blogger

Celebrating the small wins is so important if you’re going to stay motivated, continue showing up and taking action in 2020.

On this week’s solo episode of Put Yourself First, I’m sharing my tips on how I celebrate the small wins and acknowledge my progress throughout the week. From checking in, to mini celebrations and more.

If you want to feel more joy, excitement and drive in your day-to-day, this episode is perfect for you.

A big thank you to Hannah, one of the wonderful ladies in my group coaching programme, for asking about this topic and prompting this episode. If you ever have a request for future solo episodes, please reach out!

How are you celebrating the small wins this week?

DM me on Instagram and share your wins with me 🙂 @kat_horrocks

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