From £70 to £70,000 turnover with Polly Vadasz founder of Sighh Studio

In this episode I talk to Polly Vadasz who started the stationary and organisational company Sighh in 2013 at age 17. 

She talks about how she left full time education to build the company from the ground up and went from £70 to turning over £70,000 in a year. 

Polly brings an upfront and honest approach to building a business in this podcast and it’s a very inspiring listen. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage a team and balance a good work/life balance for that team. 
  • How to contact suppliers and build relationships
  • How to go from the idea and concept of a product right through to the selling and financial implications it brings.

Listen to the pod:

Connect with Polly:


IG: @sighhstudio

IG: @pollyvdsz

Connect with me:

IG: @kat_horrocks

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