The Best Lifestyle & Advice Podcasts

The best lifestyle and advice podcasts - my top 5 podcast recommendations

I am such a fan of a good podcast. It’s probably my main hobby besides the work I do online. Whether I’m at the gym, driving somewhere, cooking or cleaning the house on my day off, 9 times out of 10 I’m listening to a podcast.

So of course, I want to share my favourites with you guys! In today’s video I’m talking about my top 5 lifestyle and advice podcasts – covering topics from women’s health, sex, relationships, self development and more, there’s something for everyone in these 5. 

Stay tuned for my favourite business podcasts, they will be coming in another video soon. I’ve separated the two as I know not everyone will be into the business side of podcasting…and I have SO many great business ones to share with you, they deserve a dedicated video! 

Are you a podcast junkie like me? I’d love to know your top 5 as well! I’m always trying to hunt down new shows to listen to. Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Kat x 

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