Being Selfish to be Selfless – Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish

You need to put yourself first in life.

It might seem counter intuitive to what we’re taught – be selfless, be generous with others, give just as much as you get. But I strongly believe you CAN have a balance of both that is healthy for you. Some days, we have to be a little selfish, in order to be selfless at a later time.

We have to be selfish to put ourselves at the TOP of our to do list everyday, and make time for our mental or physical health first thing before we do anything else. We have to be selfish to do something every week that is just for US – just for our enjoyment, and not for anyone else’s benefit. Our favourite hobby, a new creative project, a TV show that makes us laugh out loud. We have to be selfish to say no to opportunities we are given, in order to say yes to ourselves and the priorities WE have chosen. 

Ultimately, self care isn’t selfish. It’s actually a selfless act

When I dug a little deeper, I discovered that my self care routine…

Maintains my health and fitness, keeping my body and mind well. I am no good to ANYBODY if I don’t have my health. Self care means I will be around to share experiences with my loved ones for a long time.  

Improves and maintains healthy relationships with my partner, friends and family – when I look after myself, I am a positive energy to be around and I add value and happiness to others. Nobody enjoys being around me when I’m stressed, exhausted and burnt out.

Helps me be a better person – calmer, more understanding, more patient. Being kinder to myself, allows me to be kinder to others too. 

Helps me focus on what really matters in life – and be present with the people who matter, rather than be so stressed and wired I can’t switch off and focus on anything other than my to do list. 

Gives others permission to put themselves first. When I show others that I put myself first, I am paving the way for them to as well – I am inspiring them, setting a positive example and proving that it’s not only okay to do so, it’s necessary. 

I hope today’s post has encouraged you to be a little bit selfish – in order to be selfless – this week.

Let me know what kind, loving, and selfish choices you’re going to make for yourself! 

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Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x