Speaking on Camera Confidently, an interview with Amy Leighton Speaking and Presence coach on the Put Yourself FIrst Podcast hosted by women's mindset and success coach Kat Horrocks

Amy Leighton on Speaking Confidently on Camera

This week’s guest is Amy Leighton. Amy is a Speaking & Presence Coach, helping you to celebrate who you are, align with who you want to be and thrive in life and business. Get ready to be speaking on camera confidently, whether you’re on Instagram Stories or in that important Zoom meeting.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Amy’s inspiring story and how she rebuilt her confidence after a really tough period in her life
  • Why being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be confident, speak on stage or run your own business online (or, do anything you want to!)
  • Tips for having confident presence and speaking. Whether you work in corporate and wanna brush up on your presentation/Zoom meeting skills or you’re an online business owner wanting to feel more confident behind the camera on Instagram Stories

Connect with Amy

Instagram – @amyleighton


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