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Life As A Middle Eastern Woman: Identity, Feminism and Breaking Down Stereotypes with Alya Mooro

How do you find yourself when you’re stuck between two cultures? Alya Mooro was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in London, UK. Growing up with multi-cultural heritage, Alya began questioning the pressure she felt in the face of opposing stereotypes and attitudes.

Today we have a really great chat about feminism, identity and breaking down taboos in both Western and Eastern cultures.

I was really keen to discuss difficult conversations with Alya too. In today’s political climate, these uncomfortable, controversial and sometimes downright awkward questions need to be asked amongst our friends, family and peers. It’s the only way things are going to progress in a positive direction and people are going to feel seen and heard.

I hope today’s chat gives you some food for thought or a new perspective you might not have had before. If you’d like to ask questions or share a personal story, you can reach me and Alya on Instagram. Our DMs are always open!

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Resources Mentioned
Freedom Is an Inside Job by Zainab Salbi

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