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5 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Buying Our First House

2019 has been a JOURNEY. Our first time buying experience can only be described as a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One day you’re on a complete high and things are moving forward. The next, you’re thrown into a panic and end up crying in the corner begging for it to end.

It’s been a true test of patience and has definitely brought us closer as a couple. Thank you for all your support and messages on social media. It seems so many of you are in the same boat as us, whether you’re just starting this journey, have recently bought your first house or have a few years of property knowledge under your belt to share.

Looking back on the past 6-8 months, I wanted to share some of the key lessons I’ve learnt from buying our first house.

1. Nothing is going to be handed to you in life. You have to go out and get it.

I spent years thinking about our dream home. I spent years thinking about being able to pay for our mortgage with money that I’d earned from my own business. I spent years imagining the keys going into that door for the first time.

My amazing friend Holly shared a valuable lesson recently that stuck with me.

The law of attraction requires action.

The day I woke up and realised that I was in charge of creating my future and living my life on purpose, was the day the game changed for me. 
Yes, manifesting, affirmations and visualisation are powerful tools.
Those are additional ingredients in the recipe for your success.

But don’t forget the vital ingredients.

I truly believe the universe has your back if you’re ready to make this dream happen.

I also believe that we are co-creating our dream life alongside the universe. Which means every morning, you have to show up for your goals and make shit happen.

2. If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done

You know how important leaving your comfort zone is, right?

Well buying our first house has been an Olympic Gold worthy long jump outside of our comfort zone.

All I can say is, thank you Jesus for Google.

The hours I have spent Googling property jargon, how-to’s and advice in the past 6 months. Martin Lewis is my new BFF.

I am so grateful for my friends and family. They’ve put up with constant questions, calls and texts from me freaking out. “How in the hell do I do this?!”

When you’re heading into unchartered territory. You’re gonna be out of your depth. You’re gonna be winging it. You have to think on your feet and learn quickly. There’s no other option.

Google is your friend.

But also, don’t forget to ask for help and guidance from people you trust!

5 lessons from buying our first home - Kat Horrocks manchester blogger. Navy and mustard living room interior with Made.com sofa
Our fave room in the house so far! Loving how our living room is coming together. 🙂

3. Focus on your why and remind yourself of it every day

When you’re hustling to make something huge happen, there are gonna be tough days.

There are gonna be days where you can’t be arsed. There are gonna be days where you’re not sure you’re capable. There are gonna be days where you question everything.

When those days came, remember why you started.

When we had to have difficult conversations, when things were delayed, when we had to pester and chase people. All I kept picturing was being in our home and getting those keys. Starting our next chapter as a couple. It was the only thing that kept me going.

Without a strong why you’ll simply give up when the going gets tough. Whatever your goal is.

If you can, place a reminder of your why somewhere in your space for you to be reminded of daily. I have my 2019 goals checklist, and that goal was right at the top every time I saw it.

In 2019, we will buy and move into our dream 1st home.


No matter how tough it gets, if the goal is worth having, it’s worth fighting for.

4. If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Are you holding back from going out and asking for what you want?

We spent longer than we could have done before booking an appointment with our mortgage advisor. Quite honestly, I was convinced we were gonna be laughed out of there. I had a pit in my stomach with the fear of rejection. I’d heard horror stories about how self-employed people had been rejected for a mortgage. I put it off for months, and simply put it to the back of my mind.

Eventually, we went in with the mindset of,
“This is what we want and we need concrete advice of whether it’s possible for us. And if it is, what are our next steps to ensure it’s gonna happen?”

We left our first appointment feeling relieved and empowered. Not only were we crystal clear on our current situation and options, but we were also motivated to take action and ensure we were in the best position possible to achieve our goal.

Let me repeat it so it really sinks in…If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
I actually had a private message from someone who lives locally (I’ll keep her anonymous). We’ve met and worked together on her goals before, and she wanted to meet our advisor. I sent her our contact and she booked her appointment, although she really wasn’t sure whether they’d be able to get the mortgage they wanted.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and she messages again – not only did she book the appointment, but they also in a better position than she thought and are now moving forward to find a bigger and better property for their family.

Fortune favours the brave, my friends. Go out into the world, be brave and ask. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

5. Celebrate your wins and look how far you’ve come

Personally, this has been the most transformative lesson for me.
We’re rushing through life, ticking off to-do lists, making shit happen, achieving our goals.

It’s time to take a step back and look how far you’ve come.

Every decision you’ve made has lead you to this moment. Every challenge you’ve faced. Every hurdle you’ve overcome. Every day that you got out of bed and worked to make this goal a reality.

You deserve to bloody well enjoy it my love!

Ask yourself this: 5 years ago, if you could see yourself now, how would you feel?

5 years ago, if I’d have known that today: I’m writing this post on my couch, in my home, that I own and have worked to buy with the love of my life. A space that signifies the start of our life as a couple and as a family unit.

It would have been enough to have me sobbing on the ground with my hands in prayer!

Don’t forget about where you’ve come from and every night that you went to bed wishing to be where you are right now.

Don’t forget about what you’ve achieved to even get to the stage where starting this journey is possible.

Before rushing forward, full steam ahead towards this big goal, look behind and be grateful for your journey.

Celebrate every win big or small, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Take Action

Comment below and let me know the ONE lesson in this post that has been a complete light bulb moment for you. Which one resonates the most?

If you’d prefer to discuss privately I always love to DM and send you voice notes on Instagram. And of course, if you have any specific house buying questions, DM me and I’ll get back to you. ☺️I’m no expert but happy to share our experience. Get in touch here.