3 Habits To Change Your Mindset

Mindset plays such a vital role in our lives.

It affects near enough everything we care about – from our relationship with ourselves and others, our work ethic, our character, our mental and physical health, the list goes on!

People go on fad diets, lose weight, yet still don’t feel good enough…

Because they’ve not changed their mindset to love and accept their body at any size. They’ve not learnt to give their body what it really needs to thrive, and in turn aren’t honouring their body’s health with the respect and care it deserves. 

People spend all their lives as a ‘high achiever’ – straight As through school, college, a 1st class degree, a well paid job with the company car and fancy apartment to match…

Yet, they still don’t feel good enough – because they’ve not changed their mindset to know that ‘things’ don’t define them. They’ve not learnt that their worth is not tied to their income, but who they are with all that taken away.

(Obviously, we’re stereotyping here, but you get where I’m going with this right?)

Being the happiest, healthiest version of you and living your best life honestly starts with your mindset.

The mindset work should really come before anything else – because it’s the kicking off point for achieving success in that area, without letting your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts hold you back! So here are 3 daily habits you can incorporate to change your mindset.

1 – Gratitude

Are you grateful to be alive today? I sure am.

I think it’s always a sobering moment to really acknowledge that we are so, so privileged and blessed to be alive. Obviously, we all deal with shit, some of us more than others. But some people didn’t wake up today. Some people woke up with a dying loved one in hospital today. Some people will lose their lives today – or lose their ability to walk, or talk, or look after themselves properly. Some people would give everything they have to be in the position I’m in and you’re in right now, even if it just meant having a roof over their head, or having access to a phone or the internet. 

Being grateful for the big and small things in life is vital to staying grounded and living with a grateful mindset. 

Wake up every day and be thankful.

Every morning, at the top of my to do list, I write down 3 things I’m grateful for – it could be waking up next to my amazing partner, the sun shining, having clean water to drink, living in a safe home. Anything – big or small. Write it down and feel the good vibes all day. 

2 – Personal Development

Learn something new every day. Follow your instinct and intrigue about a particular topic or subject, and pursue it! Make time for it. Watch a documentary. Read a book. Challenge yourself. Practice a new skill. 

In nature, if something isn’t growing – it’s dying.

Just like every other living being on the planet, we are the same. Make sure you’re carving out time in your daily life for personal development. Not only does it strengthen your self worth, confidence and belief in your own abilities, it will bring you leaps and bounds towards your goals now and in the future. 

3 – Leave Your Comfort Zone

As children, we’re shielded from the world and develop a healthy level of fear for the unknown. And rightfully so! But as adults, even though we can protect ourselves, we often still have an irrational sense of fear about any change in our circumstances.

Ironically, the changes that we want the most, as we know they’ll improve our lives, are the changes we also FEAR the most a lot of the time. 

Embrace that feeling of fear and push yourself towards those things anyway. Because fear is a sign that you’re leaving your comfort zone, which is almost always a good thing. Acknowledge that fear is a natural instinct, your body’s attempt to protect you. Accept it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but don’t let it sit in the driver’s seat. Don’t let it stop you from going after your dreams.

Do that thing that really scares you but deep down you know you’re being called to do! 

A fantastic book to read if you struggle with this is “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” – it was a real game changer for me, as someone who used to let fear hold them back in life. 

So there we have it – 3 daily habits to completely change your mindset – which in turn, has the ability to change your life! I hope this post was valuable for you. If it was, I’d love you to share it on social media and join my email community. You’ll receive a positive, uplifting message in your inbox every Monday morning. Sign up here for free. 🙂

Love, Kat x