2020 goals workbook from Women's life coach and career coach Kat Horrocks

Achieve your 2020 Goals! Your 2020 Goal Setting Workbook

Don’t make this year another year where you’re not putting yourself first and working towards the 2020 goals that matter to you! I can help. Let me show you…

It’s been such a whirlwind month, I’ve barely had time to sit down and write content like this! From launching the workbook pre-order to selling out the group coaching programme, I’m so excited and quite emotional about how amazing the response has been.

For those of you who haven’t got yours yet, let me show you a peek inside.

2020 Goal Setting Workbook from Kat Horrocks Women's Life and Career Coach manchester


How often do we stand back to actually think about our lives? How far we’ve come? What we’ve achieved and overcome? What areas are feeling good for us? What areas need our attention and focus?

The initial part of the workbook facilitates that much-needed reflection to ensure you are stepping into your 2020 goals with self-awareness, gratitude and appreciation for you. Because you’re amazing!

2020 Goal Setting Workbook Goal Tracker Organisation Time Management Kat Horrocks Women's Life and Career Coach Manchester


Once you’ve reflected and got clear on what your focus is in 2020, it’s time to create your plan. After all, a goal is a dream with a plan, as they say!

You’ll have space to break your goals down into milestones, action steps and tasks. Working in the 90-day goals framework I share with all my 1:1 coaching clients, you’ll be working towards short term goals alongside your 2020 goals, so you’re constantly making progress, feeling focused and maintaining that momentum and motivation that we all love in the new year!

This is the part that will separate the dreamers from the doers and means that, with your workbook, you’re working towards your goals all year long. Not forgetting about your new year resolutions come March! Make 2020 the year you stay consistent, show up for yourself and make your dream life a reality.

More than half the 2020 goal setting workbooks are now gone, so I would say if you want one, don’t wait on the decision and order yours today.

I can help you achieve your 2020 goals! Order your workbook today for just £25

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Thanks to my amazing client Georgie for showing off her workbook in the featured image!