2017 Goals – Final Quarter Check In

It’s the final quarter of 2017 – which means it’s time for the last 2017 goals check in! Eek! 

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. So here we go – an update on my goals, where I’m bossing it, where I could be doing more, and what I’m planning for the last 3 months of 2017…

Personal Brand

So 2017 was all about growing myself as a ‘personal brand’ – which sounds extremely douchey to some, but is actually what blogging and coaching is all about. As a blogger/Youtuber, I am the defining factor of whether people enjoy my content. As a coach, I am the defining factor of whether clients want to hire and work with me. This year has been all about growing myself, not only with a business mind in terms of putting myself out there, charging my worth, challenging myself. But also growing myself as a human – because ultimately, I have to walk the talk.

If I’m preaching about the importance of self care, I have to make time for my own self care too.

If I’m sharing my top tips for goal setting, I have to be doing those exercises too. I feel like I’ve really stepped into that role of who I want to be and started to create my life on purpose, particularly in the 2nd half of 2017. So this goal has been going really well. If anything, it’s a case of carry on with the same momentum right through ‘till Christmas/New Year, in particular planning lots of exciting things to launch in January.

Money £££

Eek. Money is always something I struggle to talk about. However, I’m definitely making progress towards my income goals bit by bit. My relationship with money has been a rocky one, and I’d say that’s my top ’to do’ when it comes to this. I’m putting all the practical steps into hitting those income goals, but a focus for the next few months, continuing into 2018, is working on my mindset around money – particularly letting go of any self sabotaging or negative beliefs I have about money.

One thing I’ve loved doing in the 2nd half of 2017 is getting creative with side hustle money. eBay has become a little hobby of mine, and I’ve enjoyed putting random stuff from around the house on there. It’s nice to have a bit more spending money and be able to maintain and grow a healthy balance in my business account, so that money can go back into marketing and other investments rather than my weekend Gin fund. So thanks eBay for funding my love of Gin and desserts! 

Daily Self Development

This ties back into walking the talk. And I really feel I’m making time for this. However, one thing I have fallen off the wagon with is meditation. I don’t know why, I’ve just fallen out of the habit of daily meditation. Even though I know it benefits me so much, I’m finding it difficult to re-commit to a daily practice. So my milestone in this area is going to be a 5 minute meditation during my weekday morning routine before work. An easy, manageable aim to stick to.

Weekly Check In

I’m so passionate about the value of a weekly check in, and although there are weeks I’ve not made time for it, I am pretty consistent. One thing I’ve changed in this area is focusing my weekly check in around my 90 day goals. So rather than checking in with a big goal for the year that I might not have made huge leaps and bounds with in a week, I can compare a week’s progress to a milestone I want to reach for that quarter. 

I’ve been displaying my 90 day goals on my whiteboard so I see them everyday, and it ties in nicely to my weekly Bullet Journal setup as I can quickly brainstorm to-do items for that week. It’s working really well for me and I’ll definitely share more of a step by step in the New Year.

So that’s where I’m at with my 2017 goals, it’s crazy to think in under 3 months time I’ll be sitting down to think about what I want to achieve in 2018. Madness! What were your 2017 goals you set earlier in the year? Have you made any progress towards them? If not, what can you do in the next 3 months to finish off the year feeling proud and accomplished? 

If you’d like 1-on-1 support with your goals, mindset and motivation – I’d love you to explore how we could work together.

I’m currently taking on new clients for Autumn, moving into 2018 – so whether you’re ready to get started ASAP or would like to secure a place to kick start January, get in touch to discuss your options!

Love and Good Vibes,
Kat x