2017 Goals Check In – 6 Month Mark!

It’s half way through 2017 – say wha?!

I know. We have surpassed the 6 month mark. So this week it’s time for a half way check in with your 2017 goals!

The benefits of ‘checking in’ with your goals:

– See how far you’ve come and celebrate your hard work.
– Assess whether you’re still on the right track for you, or you need to change/pivot direction.
– Be honest with what you’ve contributed – how much work you’ve put in.
– Get some plans in place for the NEXT 6 months to ensure continuous growth.

I find it so helpful to set aside an hour or so, depending on your schedule, and have some quiet moments of reflection with myself.

Whether you’re a list maker like me, a mind mapper, or a whiteboard and marker pen kinda person – get this stuff written out and answer these questions…

What are my top 10 goals for 2017?

What have I achieved so far with them?
Celebrate all the milestones you’ve reached, the daily disciplines you’ve kept up, big or small, pat yourself on the back.

What obstacles and challenges have I faced, and how am I overcoming them?
Reframe any negativity. Take ownership of your failures, or stumbling blocks, and decide what you’re going to do to overcome them.

How am I going to improve my efforts in the next 6 months?
Now you’re feeling fired up to achieve those goals and get further along that journey, get specific about what you need to do to get there. Once you have the big things written out, break it down into smaller milestones along the way – quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily.

E.g. I want to earn X amount in my business – break that down into achievable monthly increases, then break those smaller milestones down into specific tasks and outcomes that need to happen to hit them. (Number of clients booked/products sold, daily social media and other marketing, blogging, etc.) 

Remember – if you haven’t worked on one of your goals yet, it’s OK! Decide today whether that goal is truly important to you, and if it is, get that action plan in place and start working towards it this week!

Also remember – it’s OK to change your mind about goals. Sometimes we set goals because we feel a certain pressure from others, or we might be unconsciously conforming to what we’re taught to want by society. If you don’t have any emotional connection or ‘why’ behind your goal, don’t hesitate to drop it and pivot the direction you want to head in. Make sure your goals are achievements you’d be truly proud of yourself for, and would bring you more joy both in achieving it AND working towards it. 

I hope this exercise will be really helpful for you, and will allow you to see just how far you’ve come in 2017 so far.

I’m going to be doing it with you this week, so leave a comment letting me know how you got on, and we can all support each other along the way.

Also, you can always tweet me @kat_horrocks if you ever have a question, want to chat or just need some encouragement. Please get in touch! 

Love, Kat x 

Thanks to Holly for the gorgeous picture!