10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It’s been a while since I got real personal on KatHorrocks.com 

I love sharing my goal setting tips, what I got up to last week or my positive advice on self-care, personal growth and more. However, as this community grows, it’s only fair to share a bit more about the girl behind the blog and podcast! 

So in case you were feeling nosey, here are 10 things you might not know about me…

I’m quite an intuitive person, and I trust my gut always

I was going to study Journalism or English Literature at Uni.

After being an avid reader and writer most of my life. I decided against it in favour of training to be a makeup artist and starting my own business. Best decision of my life! I also had dreams of becoming a therapist earlier in my teens. I love how blogging, podcasting, coaching and creating content online has gradually brought all my passions together. You have to trust that eventually, everything comes full circle. 

My vibes never steer me wrong, and I always, always listen to them.

I’m quite an intuitive person, and I trust my gut always. If something feels ‘off’ in a situation – personally or professionally – I can’t go ahead. Likewise, if I meet someone or receive an opportunity and feel that ‘pull’ towards it, I always pursue it, even if that means jumping head first outside my comfort zone. 

Animals make me ridiculously happy.

They’re just pure, unadulterated joy. We visited Chester Zoo recently and I think my face hurt from smiling that much. I’m a crazy cat lady and instantly connect with other people who are eager to chat with me about their cats. We have 3 at my parent’s, and when we move in, If Adam would let me I’d have five. Alas, I think I’ll have to compromise on one cat and one dog! 

I like to describe myself as an Outgoing Introvert.

I love to meet people, I love to listen to their stories and ask them 10,000 questions. However, sometimes I need my headspace. I love to go for walks alone or take a long, hot bath on a Sunday afternoon with the door locked. Being alone helps me mentally and physically recharge and gets me back into a positive mindset when things are hectic. The last thing most people would describe me as is ‘shy’, which is a common stereotype given to introverts. 

Summer is my happy season.

As British as I sound, I really dislike the colder months and could do without the rain most of the time. A hot day, slathered in SPF, mandatory ice cream in hand, just being outside for the sake of it, soaking up that vitamin D. I feel so peaceful and at home during the Summer months. 

If you’ve not already guessed by now, I’m an out and proud feminist.

For every woman like me – benefiting from privileges, blessed with support, and options, and opportunities – there are sadly so many other women, in the UK and worldwide, who aren’t fortunate to receive that in their lives. I’m committed to using my platform to share inspiring women’s stories, raise awareness of important issues and share valuable resources and community encouragement for every woman who stumbles across KatHorrocks.com 

I’m addicted to learning.

It’s the main reason I found this part of the internet – podcasts, YouTube how-to’s and more, and wanted to be a part of it myself. I strongly believe in learning something new every day and make personal growth a large part of my working week. There are so many people out there to learn from – which is one of the reasons I had to go with an interview format for Put Yourself First! 

It took me a few years to realise that anything worth having does not come easy

Sometimes I have to coach myself

A mantra of mine when it comes to sharing my work online is practice what you preach. There are times when I struggle with work-life balance, find that negative self-talk creeping in or procrastinate on a scary task instead of leaving my comfort zone. This advice is as much for myself, and how I’ve had to learn it, as it is for you guys. Sometimes, I have to take a step back, assess when things have run away with me and coach myself back to those positive habits, as I would with a client.

I’ve struggled with anxiety like many people, but not in the traditional sense.

My panic attacks come in the form of hives breakouts. So odd, right? When I was really struggling through a rough patch in my 2nd year of college, I got them on a weekly basis. I had to take prescription strength anti-histamines to help manage them. It was something so foreign to me and I struggled to find info about it online. It was only years later I could understand why it happened, and the root cause pointed to stress and anxiety. I’m happy to say I very rarely get them now, likely due to the fact I learned to manage my stress and emotions with positive self-care like exercise, talking to someone and taking time out. 

I’m not afraid to hustle

As much as self-care and taking time out is a top priority in my life, I like to work. No, I love to work. It took me a few years to realise that anything worth having does not come easy. I vowed to always give 100% of myself to anything I set out to do, and it’s never steered me wrong. Hard work, intuition (knowing what to focus on) and self-care (knowing when to stop) are the 3 things that keep me going and allow me to do what I do. 

So that’s me. What about you?!
Share something about yourself in the comments below! 

Images by Georgie Glass